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Swimbait Review


Accessible, Affordable, and More Importantly, Effective : Molix's GlideBait 140 SS


Date: 11/2/22
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

The counter-culture mindset of the swimbait world favors product from smaller, one to two person shop manufacturers - the so called garage based businesses. This is where competition for your bait dollar is the most intense. Products from larger, established bait manufacturers are discarded for their mass produced nature, and the use of thermoplastic polymers like ABS instead of more artisan materials like resin or wood. Whether any of the reasoning is warranted doesn't matter. This is simply the way.


Introducing Molix's latest entry to the big bait sweepstakes, their GlideBait 140 SS.


During the peak of big bait season, that mindset even creeps into us here at TackleTour as Zander and I try to one up each other on who can find the latest can't miss garage bait. Inevitably, in the midst of these frenzies, a box will show up from one of the afore mentioned established manufacturers and our responsibilities as tackle testers takes over. Begrudgingly, time once dedicated to slinging something exclusive gives way to the less exciting prospect of fishing something more accessible. However, on the rare occasion, these circumstances can reveal something unexpected. Here's our experience with Molix's latest entry big bait craze, their GlideBait 140 SS.


Molix GlideBait 140 SS Specifications

Type Slow Sink
Length 140mm (~5.5")
No. Pieces 2
Joint Style V-Cut
Weight 2.25oz
Depth 3' on immediate retrieve but can be counted down to almost any depth
Material ABS
Variants None at this time
Hooks #1 (front) & #2 (back)
MSRP $28.49


The GlideBait 140 SS is a 5.5 inch, 2.25 oz bait.


Impressions: Italian manufacturer, Molix, entered the big bait sweepstakes a couple of years ago with their GlideBait 178 SS, a surprisingly effective seven inch trout profile glide bait. The GlideBait 140 SS shares a similar name, but is a different length (as indicated by the 140), and different profile. This latest bait is in the shape of a sunfish, or perhaps more specifically, a bluegill.


It is equipped with swiveling hook hangars.


Out of the package, the GlideBait 140 SS inspires the same thoughts and excitement as most any mass produced, ABS plastic bait - a kind of dismissive "it's nice." Don't get me wrong, the colors are fun and the bait comes with realistic, semi-soft plastic fins like the 178 SS, as well as the rotating hook hangars. Honestly, Molix gets everything right with this bait spec-wise. It's just the inherent blandness of a mass produced bait versus something handmade that gets in this bait's way. It's the same effect when picking up a plastic crankbait versus a hand carved balsa wood competitor. It's not the bait or even Molix's fault, it's just the way things are with commercially available product.

And realistic, flexible fins.

Real World Tests: My job, as a tackle tester, is to put aside these thoughts and feelings of indifference and fish the product with an open mind - something I've done and continue to do whenever I don that TackleTour cap on my head. Still, during the peak of big bait season, the struggle to keep that open minded approach is real. Nevertheless, I always relent because I do not take my responsibilities lightly.

I pulled out my coveted, Orochi X4 Destruction to fish this bait.

Rod Choice: Molix's GlideBait 140 SS tips the scales at just over two ounces (2.25oz to be precise). It is light for a bait of this style so that opens up the possibilities in rod choice. You don't need a heavy duty swimbait rod to sling this bait. So, in order to infuse some inspiration to this task at hand, I chose an OG stick, my Megabass Orochi X4 Destruction. I've been to the Amazon and back with this stick and it remains one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately, it is no longer in production, and Megabass hasn't made anything to match the magic this stick possesses since, so it is a rare occasion when I choose to bring it out on the water.

The V-Cut joint provides a good amount of movement.

Reel Choice: I like to fish glide baits on fast retrieve reels. The faster the better. Working glide baits leads to a lot of slack line situations and I want a reel that will pick up that slack as quickly as possible. On a constant retrieve, you can sometimes get the bait to thump hard enough to feel through your line. When this happens, it gives me confidence a fish will strike at any moment. For the GlideBait 140 SS, I chose Shimano's latest incarnation of the Bantam, their MGL A XG (8.1:1).

Held in place with a pin and screw eye connection.

Line Choice: The Bantam MGL A is a 150 sized reel and I was able to get sixty yards (60yds) of fifty pound (50lb) Seaguar Threadlock Hollow braid on the spool with enough space left over to install a top shot (leader) of twenty five pound (25lb) Seaguar Gold Label Fluorcarbon. I like using fluorocarbon for a leader on my glide baits and a high quality mono, like Sunline's Saltimate Nylon leader for topwater baits like rats and other wake baits.

If you're accustomed to tossing big baits, the GlideBait 140 SS requires no special effort to cast.

Castability: So onto the water, if you're accustomed to tossing big baits, the GlideBait 140 SS requires no special effort to cast. In fact, it's super easy to sling into tight spaces or just launch as far as your combo will allow. It can tumble in the air quite a bit, but I don't recall having any issues with line fouling or if I did, it wasn't persistent enough to leave an impression. This bait is a great size and weight to introduce yourself to the world of big baits because it's not overwhelming. In fact, it's a lot like casting an oversized crankbait.

The bait does not come with a split ring, but I used a snap to connect rather than tie direct.

Ease of Actuation: The GlideBait 140 SS does not come with a split ring attached to the line tie. My connection strategy with this bait, as is the case with all my big baits, is to use a snap. I like the flexibility of being able to change baits and colors quickly but also, because I use a polamar knot ninety percent of the time, I can tie a more reliable knot to a snap than I can a large bait and I have a lot less wasted line. This matters when you're using expensive leader material like Gold Label. I mention my connection strategy because sometimes it can affect how a bait swims. In this case, it did not.

A look at the insides

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