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Lure Review



A Jig Worth More Than Just Flipping Out Over


Date: 4/9/18
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Missile Jigs
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Pre-ICAST 2017, social media was a-buzz with Mike Iaconelli supposedly flipping out for some mysterious reason. We now know the reveal was Missile Jigs's new Ike's Flip Out Jig. We managed to get our hands on some post-ICAST and have been fishing them off and on ever since. Here's a closer look at this new jig.


Missile Jigs Ike's Flip Out Jig Specifications

Type Flipping Jig
Skirt Material Silicone
Weight 3/8, 1/2, 3/4oz
Colors/Patterns 8
Hook 5/0 VMC Flipping Hook
MSRP $4.49 -$5.39


Impressions: There is perhaps, nothing more personal in a bait to a pro bass fisherman than their jig. Just about every pro has their own, sometimes unique view on what a jig should or shouldn't have. In fact, it's not just tournament fishermen, but many recreational anglers have their preferences too. Why else would there be so many choices out there in the bass jig market? So what's the story behind the new Missile Jig Ike's Flip Out Jig?


Pre-ICAST was a-buzz with reports of Mike Iaconelli flipping out over something.


As any serious bass angler will tell you, with the jig, it all starts with the hook. Some like them compact, others like them big. Some what them at a certain angle, others want a name brand manufacturer behind the hook. Ike's Flip Out Jig is built around a 5/0 VMC Flipping Hook. It is big, heavy gauged and sharp. But how does it fish?


Turns out it was a new jig and we got our hands on some to test.

Real World Tests: I fished this jig on a variety of setups during the Fall of 2017 but it saw the majority of duty tied to the end of my Evergreen Brett Hite Combat Series RCSC-71M and Quantum PT Tour S3 combo spooled with ten pound Sunline Super Natural monofilament. I usually prefer braid or fluorocarbon on my jig setup, but I was testing this combo for a more wide range of applications, so nylon monofilament it was.

The Flip Out Jig is available in three sizes from 3/8oz - 3/4oz.

Jigs are such a common bait. There are two characteristics I personally look for while fishing a jig. The first is how well that jig is to work in and around the structure I'm fishing. If it's a rocky area, does the jig roll over the rocks with minimal snags? If it's vegetation, how smoothly does it pull through the weeds, etc..

The head design is round, but elongated.


A flipping jig kind of has to do both. Ike's Flip Out Jig features a kind of elongated ball head. Because it's rounded on the bottom, it does a good job of sliding along when you pull it over hard surfaces. But because it's also narrow when compared to a football head, or even an arkie head, it pulls through vegetation relatively well too.

The hook is by VMC and 5/0 in size.

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