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Lure Review

The Megabait Mega Crank wobbles with much holographic flash (continued)

Retrieving cont'd: When it comes to crankbaits in general, diving depth are always the big question in everyoneís mind. Manufacturers specify a diving depth, but many anglers are left frustrated, unable to achieve these stated depths. The Megabait Mega Crank package states the diving range with a dependency of the fishing line. Thatís why we tested the lure with both 8 and 12 pound test. Field tests in shallow waters show that with 8 pound test we are able to achieve a diving depth of only six feet. With the heavier 12 pound test we only were able to reach about 4 foot depths. This could have been caused by the design of the bill or by other factors such as true line diameter, but after many trials we still werenít able to reach the maximum rated depth of 8 feet.


Available in 9 patterns, some ghost and some holographic. Also notice the dorsal fin for added detailing

We tested the Mega Crank over the course of an entire year and experienced no abnormal wear or breakdowns. We did manage to take a good chunk out of the lureís bill after casting it repeatedly into a canyon wall while fishing a tight hole, but aside from that, the finish on our cranks held up well. We did experience some scratches on the lureís under-belly inflicted by the lureís sharp hooks, but some of that is to be expected Ė especially after banging the lure around in our tackle box over the course of a year. We were actually encouraged by the durability of the lureís finish after the canyon wall event as we have used other lures whose finish did not fare nearly as well.


The holographic pattern really shines on a bright sunny day


Price: If thereís one classification of bass lures that come in at a huge range price-wise, itís the crankbait. You can find these gems ranging anywhere from two dollars to well over $20. What most anglers seek is a lure that is complete with good build quality, action, and value. At an MSRP of $4.99, while the Megabait crankbait isnít the cheapest out there, but itís not even close to the most expensive. Considering the lure has a fairly good finish and produces fish catching action, we found the Mega Crank was offered at a very respectable price point.


This wide wobbling crankbait can be deadly for largemouth bass


MegaBait Mega Crank Crankbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality This crankbait is pretty detailed and has good built quality using solid components 8.5
Performance Because of its slim profile and bill you can burn this crankbait through the water for those active bass without loading the rod down while producing wide wobbles. We were able to reach six foot depths with eight pound test, but couldnít reach the maximum rating of eight feet 8
Price An overall decent price for a crankbait 8
Features The lure uses large BBís for better casting and audible clicks when running through the water. It also features a holographic design for added flash 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Designed with a wide wobbling action and little water resistance, this lure moves through the water quickly without putting much strain on your wrist 8
Application Anglers can fish the Mega Crank for bass throughout the year if a wide wobbling crankbait is needed. There are 3 different models for different depths 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Slim profile allows fast retrieves L 8 pound test needed to reach 6ft depth
J Casts great  
J Flashy holographic patterns  

In todayís bass fishing world, the angler is left with far too many choices when it comes to crankbaits. There are so many different sizes, shapes, actions and prices. How is any angler able to find the specific crank that fits their specific needs? As a general use crank, the Megabait Mega Crank 65 is a good choice for bass fisherman. The build quality is up to par and the lure provides good action and sound sufficient to attract strikes from predatory fish. The Mega Crank serves well as a search tool because you can burn it back to the boat without overloading your rod like a larger billed crank might. The lure produces a nice, wide wobble at all speeds that most bass canít seem to resist. If this sounds like the characteristics that make up a crankbait worthy of your tackle box, then the Megabait Mega Crank is a lure you should definitely try.


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