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Lure Review


A Prop Bait Not for Spying but Topwater! The X-Plose Topwater by Megabass


Date: 8/13/17
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.91 - GOOD

Topwater fishing is considered by many, the most exciting way to catch a fish of any species. It is certainly one of my favorite ways to catch a fish. The myriad of different baits to help you accomplish this seemingly straight forward goal can be overwhelming. Do you choose a popper, walker, buzzer, crawler, waker, deadstick bait or combination thereof? Megabass has a product to add even more confusion to the mix. It's a bait that resembles the recent sub surface double prop trend with the ability to behave like the much larger wood chopper. Here's our look at Megabass's X-Plose topwater bait.


Megabass X-Plose Topwater Specifications

Type Topwater Prop Bait
Length 103 mm / ~4 inches
Weight 1/2 oz
Material Plastic
Features Float Balancing System, Specialized topwater props, Katsuage thinwire hooks
Colors ~35 different color variations
Hooks 2x #4 Katsuage Inbarb
MSRP $19.99


Megabass's X-Plose Topwater bait is not to be confused with its slower, more mundane, sub surface counterpart, the X-Plose SS. While the SS is readily available in the US, the X-Plose Topwater is a JDM bait available in limited quantities here in the States and only through select retailers.

No this isn't a subsurface spybait.

It's officially spec'd at 103 millimeters which translates to roughly four inches and features a tapered body bookended, of course, by a propeller on each side of the bait. There are no moving balancers internal to the bait, and two very sharp, but very thin wire hooks dangle from the bottom of the bait.

It's Megabass's X-Plose Topwater.

Real World Test: Are you familiar with Smithwick's Devil's Horse prop bait? The X-Plose Topwater is essentially that bait but much more refined. I like to think of it as a mini woodchopper bringing me back to the Rio Negro in Brazil fishing for Peacock bass. For best results with this bait, I recommend either a specialized floating line or nylon monofilament. I fished it on both braid and fluorocarbon and while it can be done, those choices in line are not good long term solutions.

Rigged and ready to go on board a Shimano Conquest 51DC.

Castability : As mentioned earlier, there are no internal weight transfer systems in this bait. Despite that fact, it is a bait that sails through the air very true and very much on target.

Any medium to medium heavy powered rod would be a good choice for this bait. The longer the better though because you want to get some really good distance between you and the bait.

The large front prop is specially tuned for topwater action - as opposed to the subsurface version which has a different prop.

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