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Lure Review


Crank It Up: Megabass Eccentric X-Dad Crankbait


Date: 1/10/18
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 6.96 - FAIR

Several years ago, before their STW initiative took over a good part of the company's focus, Megabass debuted a funky little crankbait designed to mimic a crayfish. It is an eccentric little bait that only a company like Megabass can pull off. Here is our look at Megabass's X-Dad crankbait.

Introducing Megabass's X-Dad crankbait.

Megabass X-Dad Crankbait Specifications

Type Mid Depth Crankbait : Suspending
Length 2 1/4"
Weight 3/8 oz
Depth 10ft
Material Plastic
Colors 6 Colors
Hooks #6 Katsuage
MSRP $24.99

This bait is made to mimic a crawfish/shrimp.

Impressions: The X-Dad is a very small, and slender bait especially when taken as a whole with its elongated bill. In fact, the body of this bait is not unlike the old Rebel crawfish crankbait - remember those? Of course, Megabass's colors are a bit more high end and this bait has the addition of an antennae for an added degree of realism.

Antennae are described as "durable feather" by the manufacturer.

Real World Tests: I've actually had the X-Dad crank for several years and fished it intermittently the first few months I had the bait then somehow forgot about it. I recently dug it back out and before putting it back into the rotation, checked to see if it was still in production. I'm happy that it is though the bait is now available in fewer colors than before.

The unique diving bill of the X-Dad.

Castability: For my re-introduction to the bait, I matched the X-Dad up with my beloved F3 1/2-65GTD Hien Type-S casting rod matched with a Shimano Conquest 51 spooled with some Gliss fishing line. This three eighths ounce (3/8oz) little bait was so easy and fun to cast on this setup I almost didn't want a fish to hit it and interrupt my cast, retrieve, cast rhythm! This easy cast-ability is the result of internal bearings that slide to the back of the bait when cast, shifting momentum of the bait in the direction of your cast, and then move around freely as the bait is being retrieved creating crustaceans like noise in the water.

These internal weights slide around during retrieve but also fire to the back of the bait on a cast. Also note the rear hook is dual pronged, not a treble.

Dive Time: The X-Dad wastes little time getting to the bottom once you click over your reel and once it hits bottom it bounces around side to side, in a very erratic pattern. Pause your retrieve, and the bait suspends perfectly still with the bill side down. It just flat stops.

A chunky bass courtesy of the X-Dad.

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