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Enthusiast Review

CB Rod Wars part 18: Megabass's New GTZ Series (continued)

Casting: Even with the Zylon reinforcement, the ICBM BGS is pretty much a graphite cranking stick. As such, it has very predictable and reliable casting performance. Thanks to its relatively soft tip and moderate-fast taper, this rod loads very easily for casts and while not recommended if you’re concerned with warranty, can actually handle baits above its rated range of three quarters of an ounce.

The styling cues of this stick are typical Megabass.

Out on Pyramid Lake, we were casting large one to one and a half ounce spoons as far as possible and cranking them back to us as we waded in the freezing cold waters up to chest deep. While this action alone pretty much voiced my warranty (see warranty section) the ICBM BGS handled these casting duties superbly. With more standard baits, both accuracy and distance were easily achieved. There are no surprises with this stick in the casting department.

Right down to the custom tailored Fuji reel seat.

Sensitivity: The area of sensitivity is less critical in a cranking stick but is always a nice feature to have if this can be delivered without sacrificing the nice soft tip that I prefer on a cranking stick. The ICBM BGS delivers on both fronts and performs, really, as expected out of a graphite cranker.

The ratings of our F4-72GTZ.

Interestingly enough though, while this rod is certainly sensitive enough to use as a soft plastics stick, because of its moderate-fast taper, I did not particularly care for it in this application. I much preferred the performance of its now discontinued GTC cousin, the F3.5-65GTC Hien Type-S for this dual role responsibility. That rod has a much faster taper than this stick and really felt better suited to plastics than moving baits.

I immediately voided the warranty by fishing this stick with a one ounce spoon, but the F4-72GTZ handled that bait and these cutthroat trout just fine and what great fun it was!

Power: But don’t let this rod’s moderate-fast taper fool you, it has a good degree of backbone for a medium powered stick. The ICBM BGS walks that delicate line of giving you control over your catch without completely overpowering it so that you can enjoy the thrill of battle with little to no doubt you will be victorious. Further, it’s soft enough in the tip to where baits don’t get pulled out of the fish’s mouth next to the boat. In this respect it is very reminiscent of a bit softer MBR842C GLX.

This custom tailored Fuji real seat might not be comfortable for those with extra large hands.

Features: The ICBM BGS is pretty standard JDM fare meaning all of its components are top-end Fuji with titanium framed SiC insert guides, a customized Fuji Reel Seat, and all the typical styling and detailing touches one expects out of a rod built by Megabass. Which actually brings us around to the question of where this stick is made. No where on this rod are the words “Made in Japan” stamped on the blank – only the term, “Built by Megabass”. Could it be this prestigious giant has moved rod building responsibilities elsewhere? Naturally, confirmation and clarification could not be obtained from Megabass.

It even took a little bit for me to grow accustomed to it.

Application: I like this rod pretty much exclusively as a moving baits stick. Cranks, spoons, jerkbaits, even topwater are all wonderful baits to throw on this rod. Stay within its rated lure and line ratings and there are no troubles though, as mentioned above, the rod really can handle more. Maybe it’s the Zylon reinforcement, maybe it’s my big bait training that’s taught me how to throw heavier than normal baits on almost any given stick but the ICBM BGS is a pretty versatile rod with moving baits.

A look at the simple, but aesthetically pleasing treatment of the real seat locking mechanism.

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