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Lure Review

Ready, Contact, Action! The Megabass Scream-X Jr. (continued)

Durability: Call me gutless, but I could not bring myself to toss this bait up onto the rocks for our typical torture tests, and I didn't fish this bait quite long nor hard enough to test the durability of its finish otherwise, but one area of concern I did discover are the two propellers on either end of the bait. These two props are a bit thin and can easily be bent out of shape affecting their ability to spin as you bring the bait along on the surface of the water. Getting them bent back into just the right position is not as easy as it may seem either so care should be taken when transporting these baits in utility boxes. Be sure not to squeeze them in too tightly or risk throwing the propellers out of alignment.


Each eye on the Scream-X Jr. features a Japanese Character

Can you see the subtle engraving along the gill plates?


Design: As touched on at the beginning of this article, the Scream-X Jr. is an exquisitely crafted bait. One area of concern, however, is the hook attachment to the bait's body. In a design reminiscent of the old torpedo shaped Bomber Baits from long ago, the large trebles of the Scream-X Jr. are attached to the body of the bait via two closed loop rings that are countersunk into the baits body. There is no split ring attachment. While there is certainly no concern of these hooks working their way loose, the somewhat restricted movement of the hook, due to this attachment design, could give a good sized fish leverage enough to throw the bait during aerial acrobatics. I did not run into this scenario during battle, but it is something of which you should be aware and cautious when fishing the Scream-X Jr.


One of the areas of concern for these baits is the limited amount of movement afforded the hooks by this connection design.

Another look at the hook attachment for the Scream-X Jr.

Effectiveness: I tried a variety of connection methods with this bait to attach it to the end of my line: tying direct; using a snap; using a snap swivel. No one method seemed to be more effective than the other in getting the full, advertised action out of this bait with the body twirling in the water and all. Perhaps the graphics that come along with the bait simpy refer to the circulation of water around the baits contorted body nevertheless, the spinning of the baits body or lack there-of really had no discernable effect on the bait's ability to attract strikes. The prop's are what this bait is all about, and the prop's, when properly aligned and configured, work wonderfully in causing a variety of different effects on the surface of the water.


The propellers on the Scream-X Jr. can be easily bent out of tune and are harder than it seems to get back in proper alignment



Megabass Scream X Jr. Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Hand crafted quality 10
Performance Quite a versatile topwater bait 9.5
Price Hand crafted luxuriousness comes at a price 6.5
Features If the hooks at a bit more freedom of movement, this would be higher 8
Design (Ergonomics) Exquisite...nuff said 10
Application Versatility in a topwater plug 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J As beautiful a plug as you might find L Expensive
J Fish like a prop-bait, buzzbait, or popper L Props are easily bent out of tune
J Very sharp hooks L Hooks need a bit more freedom of movement


Not only is the Scream-X Jr. a beauty to behold, it catches fish!


Conclusion: It is often commented fishing with a Megabass product is like fishing with a work of art. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Scream-X Jr. The beauty is in the paint, shaping of the body, and its ability to perform many different dances on top of the water. Certainly not without its minuses, this bait is a true joy to fish because it is so exquisitely crafted. If you're one that enjoys fishing something unique and eye catching as well as fish-catching, you'd do well to try the Scream-X Jr. Just be careful, baits like this are the path to tackle over-indulgence.












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