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First Look (Part2)


Megabass's Destroyer Series Goes USDM - Part 2 (continued)


F8.5-711X Warhammer: With the F8.5-711X Warhammer, we enter into an area very few JDM rods have ventured. For Megabass, the selection of rods over an F7 power is very limited. The Warhammer is stepping into territory formerly occupied by the F10-76XBJ Super Red Demon and still occupied by the F8-79XX Aaron Martens Flipping Special to name a couple. This is a beast of a flipping/punching stick yet weighs in at a respectable 5.9 ounces and a very decent balancing point of nine and a half inches (9.5") up from the midline of the reel seat.


Introducing the F8.5-711X Warhammer.


F8.5-711X Warhammer Quick Spec

Length 7'-11"
Line Wt. 16-30lb
Lure Wt. 3/8-2oz
Rear Handle Length 12.25"
Power Rating 3xXtra-Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 5.9oz
Balance Point to midline of reel seat 9.5"
MSRP $415


The Warhammer is built for punching and flipping and rates quite favorably against its Orochi XX sibling in terms of overall power.


Unfortunately, out of reels spooled with braid and not on a body of water with a good punching or even flipping bite, I paired the Warhammer with my 2014 model year Shimano Conquest 101 spooled with 12lb Sunline Sniper and tied on a Seaspin USA Ball Headed Geko Jig.


The full cork rear grip design of the Warhammer is quite elegant.


Once the combo was rigged and ready to go, I laid it down on the boat deck for a second to put my tackle boxes away. When I glanced back over at the combo sitting on the deck, I took a pause. The gold anodized finish of the Conquest really picked up the same colored highlights in the Warhammer's handle assembly making a stunning combo. I commented to Zander and he agreed on the perfect match. On this day, the Warhammer won our award for a tackle enthusiast special moment.

This rod is stout, and I was actually quite surprised it allowed me to pitch and cast the 3/8 oz jig plus trailer I tied to the end of the line.

Paired with a Conquest 101, this combo is stunning.

Back to work, I just wanted to see what the Warhammer had in terms of a tip to pitch and flip with and what I found was that it handled my three eighths ounce (3/8oz) jig tipped with a six inch Keitech Easy Shaker surprisingly well. The weight of this bait combo is right at the bottom end of the rod's lure rating, and I was able to cast and pitch that jig with ease. In fact, it made such a nice pitching combo, I played around for several minutes pitching here and there while Zander had the boat out over some offshore structure drop shotting in ten to fifteen feet of water.

I'm not quite convinced the Warhammer's taper is suitable for punching, but one thing is for sure, it's a killer jig stick and a pitching machine.

F10-711X Onager: The F10-711X Onager is perhaps, the most anticipated rod in the entire series. Following in the footsteps of such legendary Megabass big bait rods as the F7-76RDti White Python, the F8-78DG Super Destruction, and F10-80XX Leviathon, the Onager is a seven foot, eleven inch (7'-11") stick weighing a hefty six point nine ounces (6.9oz) but with a balance point of only four and three quarters of an inch (4.75") above the midline of the reel seat! That's unheard of for a stick of this length and power. It just floats in your hand.


Introducing the F10-711X Onager.


F10-711X Onager Quick Spec

Length 7'-11"
Line Wt. 20-40lb
Lure Wt. 4-8 oz
Rear Handle Length 15.5"
Power Rating 3xXtra-Heavy
Taper Medium Fast
Rod Weight 6.9oz
Balance Point to midline of reel seat 4.75"
MSRP $425


Big bait throwers rejoice, the F10-711X Onager is the real deal.


Rated for baits between four to eight ounces (4-8 oz), I paired the Onager up with my Revo Toro Beast spooled with 30lb Sunline Super Natural monofilament and tied on a series of big baits including Gancraft's Jointed Claw 303 (rated 9 oz), Megabass's I-Slide 262T (rated 6 oz), and a 6-inch Triton Mike 2Knocker Bull Shad (rated ~2.5 oz).

The Onager features an extra long 15.5" rear handle.

Rated for baits between 4-8 ounces, this is one hefty stick.

I wanted to test the rod's range both above and below what the manufacturer recommends and found the Onager suitable for the entire range. It cast the very light 6" Bull Shad more easily than it did the 9oz Jointed Claw 303, but if you're careful and use a side arm lob cast, the Onager can handle that heavy a bait too.

Matched up with a Revo Toro Beast.

Naturally, it had no trouble with the I-Slide 262T and performed and as expected. This bait is right in the middle of the rod's lure rating. The Onager's 15.5" rear handle is perfect for launching big baits and helping to kind of steer them mid-air, and very comfortable to tuck under your arm during retrieve.

Not only is this stick well balanced, its handle slides under your arm effortlessly during retrieve giving it just about perfect ergonomics.

I had another fish volunteer for a photo op as I was burning the Bull Shad 2Knocker back to the boat for another cast. That fish was so aggressive, I barely had to swing the Onager for a hookset, yet managed to pin it and work it back to the boat with little difficulty. The fish went four and a half to maybe five pounds and really had no chance against the Onager. This is a powerful stick and another that likely won't make it back in the return shipping tube to Megabass of America.

Always nice to get a surprise hit during testing!

Conclusion: If it wasn't obvious before, the point is driven home after our time on the water with Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer lineup - these sticks were designed and built for fishing in North American waters. The styling and components are typical of what you'd find on a Megabass JDM line, yet the lengths, powers, tapers, and performance are all designed around fishing our most famous bass impoundments. As if that weren't enough, the price points are more than reasonable by Megabass standards with prices ranging between $399.99 - $425. That's on par with St Croix's Legend Elite and cheaper than G.Loomis GLX and NRX - for Megabass Destroyer with full US Warranty!


It's Megabass Destroyer Madness at TackleTour!


We hoped you enjoyed this quick, First Look rundown of Megabass's new 2017 Destroyer lineup. The only thing left for us is to decide which rod to write up first, which rods overall will receive a full write up, and which rods, if any, we will return to Megabass of America. In the meantime, and once again if you'd like to tempt fate, you can find the complete lineup for sale right now at TackleWarehouse.









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