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Lure Review

Raising the Bar Once Again : Mattlures Hard Bait Bass Series

Date: 9/30/09
Tackle type: Big Bait
Manufacturer: Mattlures
Reviewer: Cal



Total Score: 8.92 - GREAT

Introduction: During ICAST 2008, Matt Servant announced his intentions to enter the hard bait market by showing us a prototype bait that promised to be the most realistic baby bass imitator yet. In fact, after we published that ICAST report, we fielded countless inquires as to when the bait was going to be available to the general public. In a way, Servant answered those inquiries himself with the debut of his hard bluegill series that following fall. The message was, the hard bass series was going to have to wait. Now, almost a full year later, his hard bass series is finally ready for consumption by the general bassing population and we are proud to present our review of this brand new bait!


Introducing Mattlures Hard Bass Series.

Mattlures Hard Bass Specifications

Type Big Bait
Depth Any
Class Floater (F), Slow Sink (SS), Fast Sink (FS)
Size (Weight) 7.5" (3.5 - 4.5 oz)
Colors / Patterns 7 standard colors
Hooks 1/0 Owner ST-41
MSRP $60

Impressions: It’s quite often said the devil is in the details. Well, look at one of the Mattlures Hard Bass series baits close enough and you’d swear you were staring the demon right in the face. Available in three rates of fall (floater, slow sink, fast sink), and six standard, ultra-realistic, taxidermy quality finishes, these baits have been under development for nearly two years. Featuring three sections, and a soft plastic tail, the internals of the hard bass are, of course, all stainless steel, and the external hardware includes size 1/0, Owner ST-41 hooks and #5 xxxtra-heavy rings. Did we mention the wickedly, ultra-realistic finishes?

These are the most realistic baby bass imitators we've seen to date.


But baby bass are not the only patterns!

Weighing in between three and a half to four and a half (3.5 – 4.5) ounces, depending on the rate of fall, these seven and a half (7.5) inch baits are designed to be fished at just about any speed. Does this hold true out on the water? Let’s take a look.

It’s quite often said the devil is in the details. Well, look at one of the Mattlures Hard Bass series baits close enough and you’d swear you were staring Lucifer right in the face.

Field Tests: We’ve been fishing the Mattlures Hard Bass since the beginning of the year with baits whose only difference from today’s full production lures lies in the finish. Where as our test models have somewhat of a glossy finish to them, the production lures are more satin. Otherwise, the guts of these baits are identical.

As fun to admire...


... as they are to actually fish.

Next Section: Cast that swimbait!









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