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Tackle Storage Review


Sticky Storage - Lure Lock Keeps Tackle Secure and Protected


Date: 4/17/19
Tackle type: Storage
Manufacturer: Lure Lock
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.75 - INNOVATION AWARD

Lure Lock is a relative newcomer to the tackle storage scene, but brings a number of new ideas to the category with their “TakLogic Technology,” which is designed to secure lures inside boxes, and improve both tackle organization and bait protection. The heart of this design is the company’s ElasTak gel which possesses some interesting properties, and is integrated into the company’s quality plastic outer box and snap-apart divider designs, and offering a fresh approach to tackle management.


Lure Lock Tackle Box (Large) Specifications

Material Plastic and proprietary ElasTak gel
Size Large - 14" x 9" x 1-3/4"
Configurations Multiple - 4 Cavity, 3 Cavity, 2 Cavity, and 1 Cavity
Colors One Clear with Green Latches
Features Thick plastic outer box, TakLogic Technology, Easy Open Latches, Snap-Apart Dividers
MSRP $19.99


Lure Lock offers anglers something truly new in the tackle storage category

Impressions: So just what are these new boxes? The company’s name pretty much explains what the brand’s primary product is all about, locking down your lures. These boxes are designed to improve on traditional tackle storage by providing boxes equipped a sticky ElasTak gel bottom layer to secure baits and terminal tackle. The idea is that by holding your tackle in place items are not only more organized, but also much less likely to get damaged, by reducing the contact with other baits and hooks.


What is interesting about these boxes is the TakLogic technology that uses ElasTak gel to hold baits firmly in place

ElasTak gel is a proprietary soy-based mixture provides enough cling to hold your tackle, but not too much that they are difficult to remove. This gel is scent free and will not leave any residue on your baits. The entire system was designed and manufactured in Lure Lock’s headquarters, located in Ettrick, Wisconsin.


Lure Lock boxes feature thick durable housings and reliable latches

While Lure Lock does offer a number of other products like their “Lure Locker,” which consolidates boxes together for easier portability, or boxes that come pre-loaded with a few select baits, just about all their products center around execution of their TakLogic designs.


I employed the boxes for a wide variety of bass fishing applications ranging from the shore to the boat

Real World Tests: For our tests we procured three different Lure Lock boxes, in various configurations, and focused on bass fishing tackle and applications. We made use of these boxes for a variety of different lures and terminal tackle including hooks, sinkers, soft bodied lures, wire baits, and a complete range of swimbaits. We tested these boxes over a period of four months, utilizing them as primary storage boxes when fishing from a bass boat, as well as when shore fishing.


I found the boxes very good for holding terminal tackle and protecting more expensive ripbaits and swimbaits

Operation: The first thing I noticed about the Lure Lock boxes was not what was inside but outside, as these boxes feature a very thick and durable construction. The plastic used to create the outer boxes is pure polypropylene, and I found both the base tray and the lids to be thicker than average, which improves crush resistance and also gives the boxes a more solid and robust feel. Even the latches on the boxes appear thicker and sturdier than many competitors, and the signature bright green highlights the Lure Lock branding.


I found the boxes good for organizing my most often used baits

Inside the boxes anglers will find a familiar strip of sectional dividers, only these easy to identify bright green dividers are designed to deploy quicker and more easily with a clever “snap-apart” construction which provides clean edges without ever having to cut or trim with scissors. Of all the boxes that I have ever used this system is by far the easiest and quickest implementation I’ve seen to date.


Lure Lock boxes are best for organizing a limited number of baits or terminal tackle

The real innovation in this box is the ElasTak gel which does a very good job holding smaller and lighter baits in place as well as securing the complete range of terminal tackle. At first I found it a little strange to experience the resistance when trying to pull out lures or something as simple as a tungsten weight, but this quickly faded as I began to appreciate how the box helps isolate and organize key baits. Though there are larger boxes capable of holding full sized swimbaits I found that 4oz. and heavier baits would sometimes peel off if the boxes are held vertically and shaken aggressively, like when running the boat hard or hiking the shoreline.


Overload the boxes and the baits stacked on top will not even make contact with the gel

Key to the functionality of the Lure Lock system is enough solid contact with the gel. Anglers that are focused on organization will appreciate how the boxes secure all your prized baits or terminal tackle firmly in place. No more rattles, scratched up baits, or wandering terminal tackle.


On the flip side, if you are an angler that likes to cram all your baits in the smallest number of boxes then these boxes are not for you, as only the baits on the bottom of each section will be locked in place, and the gel actually does take some room which reduces overall storage volume slightly.


The soy based gel does a good job holding most bait types and leaves no residue on the baits or causes negative reactions with finishes or tails on traditional baits

Throughout testing we wondered how the gel would react with other plastics, and whether it would remain sticky after repeated use, and would the properties change in various temperatures? The soybean based gel has proven to be very stable, and I didn’t experience any reaction, residue, or discoloration with swimbaits, hollow bodied frogs, skirts, or traditional plastics. It is important to note that some soft bodied swimbaits, especially those with a slick or painted finish simply would not hold on the gel, and it really varied depending on the exact type of material and finish on those soft bodied swimbaits.


Smaller or lighter baits hold firmly in place when the boxes are jostled but heavier baits, like 5oz. swimbaits, shifted or fell off the gel when hiking


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