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Accessory Review

The Lure Eyes Cuda will forever change the way you look at Sungear!

Date: 8/8/02
Tackle type: Accessory
Manufacturer: Lure Eyes
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.25 + EDITORS CHOICE

Introduction: Lure-Eyes produces premium marine "sungear" that provides anglers polarized protection from the elements. We test the Cuda to see how these sunglasses truly stack up to the competition.

Lure Eyes Cuda Specifications

Frame Style Cuda
Frame Material 100% Titanium
Frame Color tested Gunmetal
Lens Color tested Vermillion
Case Semi-rigid case
Dimensions Lens 73x42/Bridge 14mm/Temple 126mm
MSRP $89.95

About Lure Eyes: Under the leadership of Lure Eyes's President, Jason Loyd, the company has truly made a name for themselves in the industry by producing high end sunglasses specifically for sportsmen. Branded as "Ultimate marine sungear," these sunglasses have become favorites of tournament anglers that include Tom Lester, Paul Elias, and Carroll Hagood. Jason's vision was to design sunglasses that were better geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. Thus began the Lure Eyes company and brand, and the quest to build lighter, more comfortable, more durable, and more affordable sungear.

I was first introduced to Lure Eyes by Tournament Pro Tom Lester. Tom described Lure Eyes as the most exciting sunglasses he had ever fished with... based on quality, comfort, and price. When I first received the Cuda from Jason Loyd I immediately began to understand why Tom had spoke so passionately about these sunglasses, suffice to say I had never seen a pair quite like these. The detail in design and flexibility of this pair of sunglasses was very impressive. The glasses also came with a handy semi-rigid case and an adjustable floating strap. Most noticeable of all was the size of the lenses which wrapped far back, and yet the sunglasses were extremely light.


Real World Test: The glasses arrived just in time for our backcountry reviews so I set out with the other editors to do some field testing in the King's Canyon backcountry....home to many species of wild trout.

The Cuda features a 100% Titanium frame and polarized polycarbonate lenses

Why Vermillion lenses?: 
The team of pro's and engineers at Lure Eyes have really done their homework when it comes to lens color and design. These lenses are 100% polarized, but unlike other sunglasses we have tested the Cuda utilizes shatterproof polycarbonate, not simply film covered plastic or glass. This means that these durable lenses will not only resist scratching but also can save your eye from projectiles. Why choose a vermillion lenses instead of the more common grey types on the market? The Vermillion lenses actually enhance contrast, increasing depth perception by filtering haze and reducing glare, making them a perfect choice for sight fishing.

When standing on rocks over deep pools and streams I isolated fish faster then any of the other editors. The Cuda not only allowed me to see clearly to the bottom because of the reduced glare, but also helped me to isolate the fish which hovered at different depths.


The adjustable earpieces are a great feature which allow you to fit the sunglasses perfectly to your unique structure

Comfort and flexibility:
When you are out fishing the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable  sunglasses. Last march I reviewed a pair of Oakley A-wires and one of the biggest complaints was the pressure exerted on the sides of my head with extended wear. The Cuda in stark comparison is extremely light with the use of 100% Titanium frames, so light in fact you forget they are there....a big plus when your already packing a heavy backpacking load. The Cuda's titanium frame weighs less than a ounce! Jason Loyd states "The lightweight and durable titanium ensures you can comfortably wear Lure Eyes all day without fatigue. The titanium is virtually indestructible."

In addition to light weight is a feature unique to Lure Eyes....the adjustable earpieces! These soft rubber earpieces have a wire inside which allow you to go from straight to 45 degree angles with the push of a finger. While we all agreed this was a fantastic feature we all thought that after adjusting too many times the earpiece might break. To our surprise this was not the case at all. After flexing the earpiece back many times in stress tests neither side showed any sign of weakening.

One thing I found myself praising over and over again was the amazing grip the Cuda had on my face even as I jumped over rocks or cast for hours. This is achieved by not only the ability to customize the earpieces to fit your face perfectly, but also because the Cuda has two soft non-slip nose pads that do an excellent job preventing any slipping at all.


The Vermillion lenses wrap far back so you have unimpaired vision from front to side, and the design effectively locks out rays, wind, and water spray

Greedy Protection: The Cuda is actually short for "Barracuda," and was named for being just as greedy and hungry as a striking barracuda when it comes to eating up the sun's harmful rays. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses wrap neatly around your entire face filtering all UVA and UVB rays with 100% UV protection. The Cuda passes strict American National ANSI Z 80.3 standards meaning you can't get better protection. One of the nice things about the large wrap around lens design is unimpaired vision you get from the front to side.

When fishing for trout in the backcountry I often found myself facing heavy water spray as I positioned myself over deep pools. Lucky for me the Cuda features "hydrophobic coating" that actually prevents water spotting! If your familiar with Rain-X for cars imagine the same thing on the Cuda, only this coating is permanent!

An attractive case protects the Cuda and can clip to any pack or jacket for security

The Total Package: At this I was already very impressed with the Cuda, but to complete the package Lure Eyes provides additional value added extras. The sunglass case is very easy to access and offers good protection of the lenses via a soft liner. This case is well designed and can be clipped on the outside of any backpack or jacket.

In addition the Cuda comes with a cord that is easy to attach, and offers an extra special feature....it floats. While the floating strap is not able to suspend the Cuda indefinitely it does hold up the glasses for a good amount of time, so that if you accidentally drop them you have plenty of time to retrieve them....try doing that with any other pair of sunglasses.

The Price factor: One would expect a pair of glasses with these features and high quality components to cost well over 150 dollars. We were simply amazed to discover that the MSRP for all Lure Eyes is only 89.95! These sunglasses can compare to competitive titanium solutions costing over 200 dollars, and are still cheaper then competitive plastic frames in the 100 dollar range!

Warranty: The final icing on the cake is that even with such an aggressive price Lure Eyes is still able to provide a unconditional lifetime guarantee! If any Lure-Eyes fails due to workmanship it will be exchanged.


Lure Eyes Cuda Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A fantastic design with a ultra light frame and durable shatterproof lenses 9
Performance Great performance for sight fishing which gave me the extra edge with the ability to reduce glare and increase contrast, enabling me to see fish more effectively 9
Price Titanium, 100% polarized polycarbonate, adjustable, with a case and cord for 89.95 is a great deal! 10
Features More feature packed then any pair of sunglasses we have ever reviewed! 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Jason Loyd isn't messing around...this is one comfortable pair of sunglasses that really feel great after hours of wear 9
Application These glasses will help you fish longer  and more effectively. The vermillion lenses are great for sunny through cloudy days 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Titanium frames  
J Polarized Polycarbonate lenses  
J Comfortable and lightweight  
J Adjustable earpieces  
J Lifetime Warranty  
J Great Price!  

Conclusion: After a extensive backcountry field testing and many fish later I was smiling and singing praises of the Cuda. In my opinion Lure Eyes has succeeded in their quest to deliver the ultimate sungear with more comfort, durability, and the right price. I have never tested a pair of sunglasses that is so feature rich for a price that makes me wonder why I paid so much for all those other pairs of sunglasses. The Lure Eyes Cuda was designed for anglers, and it shows. If your a angler looking for a polarized pair of sunglasses you should definitely consider a pair of Lure Eyes! With a perfect balance of comfort and quality we simply couldn't find any negative attributes to this product, and with a price that won't break the bank, the Lure Eyes Cuda is a deserving winner of TackleTour's Editor's Choice Award!


Until next time...Tight Lines









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