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CB Rod Wars Part #6: Lucky Craft's Fat Mini Magic (continued)

Pitching and Casting: Lucky Craft's 701MF shares similar loading characteristics during a cast to most all other fiberglass rods - the soft blanks make for rods that loads further down the blank as compared to a graphite rod, so casting accuracy can take a hit if you're not accustomed to the softer tapers.

Terry Battisti joins us for a day on the water and takes the Lucky Craft 701MF for a spin...


I've been fishing so many cranking rods lately that I'm already conditioned to the easy loading characteristics of glass blanks. In the 701MF's favor though, is the fact its tip is not quite as soft as that of the Gan Craft Scarface or Evergreen International's Super Nova. In fact, the 701MF's tip sits right between these two rods and the F4-610GT3 Shiryu by Megabass. A nice compromise really. 


Even though officially sponsored by Lucky Craft, Terry had never handled one of their rods until today.

Its stated upper range of one and a quarter ounces might be a little optimistic, as the max I went with this rod was an LV500MAX (3/4oz) and I'm not sure the rod would feel right with anything heavier than that bait. This is with quick overhead snap casts in mind. For gentle lob or sidearm casts, heavier baits are certainly a possibility.

Note the super clean detailing at the top of the rod's foregrip...

...a detail that is continued at each end of the split rear grip.

Sensitivity: I fished this rod with both fluorocarbon and nylon monofilament and found its sensitivity acceptable. This is always a tough call with glass rods as they're never going to have the same transmission qualities as a quality graphite stick. Just the same, I could feel the LV500MAX and the wider wobbling crankbaits through this rod especially while fishing it with fluorocarbon. Those who prefer braid while fishing glass blanks should have no issues with this rod whatsoever.

The 701MF benefits from the status quo, Fuji exposed blank reel seat.

A look at the cork specifically shows clean, high grade material.

Power: While the 701MF loads like most other moderately tapered glass rods, it actually transitions quickly into its backbone and provides very good fish fighting and control abilities just as it's RoD curve suggests. Yet with this quick transitioning power curve comes the buttery smooth feel of glass when you have a fish hooked. The 701MF is a fine performing stick.

We had to head out on our own with out Terry to get a chance to fish this rod.

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