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Reel Review


Lew's Shifts It into High Gear (Ratio) with Their HyperSpeed LFS


Date: 10/25/22
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Lew's
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Whether it be cars, motorcycles, bikes, or your favorite hand held drill, if it has gears, there is a direct correlation to a somewhat unhealthy obsession with speed. Anglers are all too familiar with the recent accelerated advancement in their fishing reel retrieve ratios. With each passing year, it seems manufacturers are trying to out gain one another. Lew's enters that need for speed race with the HyperSpeed LFS. Let's take a look.


Lew's HyperSpeed LFS Casting Reel Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 12/120
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 14.4 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
17 - 35
Weight 6.6 oz
Spool Weight 18 g
Handle Length 95 mm
Bearings 9+1
Bearings per Knob 2 bearings
Levelwind Bearings One
Rated Max Drag ~20lbs
Origin Made in Korea
MSRP 199.99

Introducing Lew's HyperSpeed LFS casting reel

Impressions: Equipped with a 9.5:1 retrieve ratio on a 34 mm spool (33mm to inside of beveled edge), Lew's new HyperSpeed LFS casting reel is their fastest to date. It features a is one-piece aluminum frame, 95m handle, and a very comfortable shape and profile. Reinforcing that high speed, racing motif, the reel comes with a glossy red finish that wraps around the entire reel only to be interrupted at the non-handle sideplate by the brake dial. This is a good look for Lew's.

The HyperSpeed LFS is equipped with a 9.5:1 retrieve ratio

Real World Tests: In order to put my HyperSpeed LFS through the usual paces, I spooled it with some #2 Spro Finesse Braid and a leader of 10lb Sunline Marboroshi leader then matched it up with my self wrapped, PointBlank PB731HXF featuring, of course, red highlights.

The reel sits nice and low on the reel seat

Casting: The HyperSpeed LFS is equipped with Lew's QuietCast braking system which consists of six (6) centrifugal brakes on the spool, and an external dial with twenty seven (27) points of adjustment. As far as I could tell, the double barrel brake arms cannot be adjusted on or off, so all of the brake adjustments are only through the dial.

Brakes are centrifugal

The 27 points of adjustment allows the HyperSpeed LFS to easily cast baits down to roughly one quarter to three eighths of an ounce (1/4-3/8oz) depending on the capabilities of the rod with which you have it matched. The lowest I went with this combo was a 1/4oz Z-Man Chatterbait Mini Max without a trailer - just to test the reel. The HyperSpeed LFS handled it just fine.

Adjustments are all via this external dial

The reel's comfort zone, however, is in the more conventionally sized and weighted baits. I found this reel, and the combo, particularly effective at casting around a standard half ounce (1/2oz) size Z-Man/Evergreen International JackHammer.

The reel's handle is made from aluminum and spans 95mm center of post to center of post

Retrieve: The reel's 9.5:1 rate of retrieve equates to between seventeen to thirty five inches (17" - 35") per turn (ipt) of the 95mm handle depending on how much line you have out on your cast. While not the fastest pickup rate I've fished (The Revo4 Rocket is 19"-40" ipt), the HyperSpeed LFS is up there which actually makes it a bit of a struggle to find applications that best suit the reel's capabilities. I settled on using it with vibrating jigs where that quick rate of retrieve really helps to maximize the action of those lures and of course the occasional action with vertical technique baits like jigs and soft plastic creature baits.

Knobs are EVA foam

Power: Otherwise, precision and smoothness of this reel is very good all of which is enhanced by the generous length handle matched with the aluminum frame. Where this reel seems to struggle a bit, as with most reels equipped with a super high retrieve ratio, is in the power department. Despite that long handle, there's just not a lot of torque behind that super fast retrieve. This can, at times, make a vibrating jig feel like a deep diving crank at the end of the line.

The HyperSpeed LFS is a good option for vertical bait presentations

When a fish is at the end of the line, I'm typically using my rod to apply pressure and reeling only when the fish is moving in my direction. Sometimes, with big baits, the play is to surf a fish across the surface. In that case, you need a reel with a lot of torque, but I didn't put the HyperSpeed LFS in any of those situations. To me, this is a reel for conventional techniques and during a prototypical battle, I didn't find that same lack of torque to be an issue. I only felt it when working baits that have a natural resistance in the water during retrieve.

A look at that main gear (aluminum)

The drag stack responsible for 20lbs max pressure

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