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Basic Tackle Review

Slow rolliní for Salmon with the Konezone trolling flasher (continued)

Action cont'd: As we said earlier the Konezone can be rigged in different ways, inline, slightly offset, and wing position with the two smaller sizes, all located on the leader end. When positioning the snap on the two outer eyelets you will get different actions from the Konezone flasher. Instead of inline spinning, now the Konezone will roll in a circular motion, whipping the lure wide and wider if positioned on the most outer eyelet. These wide rolling positions will allow you to put an action into a lure that has none like the Hootchie: a very popular lure used during the beginning of salmon season in Monterey Bay, California. Typically, we run a Hootchie with a dodger in order to gain an unpredictable erratic action, but now we can put a new spin onto the Hootchie with the Konezone. With the flexibility of this innovative product, we are able to run the Konezone in place of a flasher and dodger with any effective blade and flasher tape combination we want.


The blades come in 10 proven colors


Retrieving: Those who have fished flashers and dodgers before will know how it affects the fight when you reel a fish in. This can, at times, be so detrimental the fish can gain the leverage it needs to spit the hook because youíre not under 100% control of your fish. With Konezone you fight the fish not the flasher. Because of its design it puts minimal resistance in any of the rigging placement during the retrieve even with a fish on. Anglers are able to enjoy fighting the fish under control all the way to the net.


Eight tape colors/patterns are available and allow anglers to customize it with the 10 different blade colors

No problems here with the Konezone. This product is well built with hefty components and a very durable blade. The acrylic blade is thick and the tape will hold through multiple seasons. When landing fish the flasher gets banged around on the boat deck especially when the fish thrashes around. If you have seen a halibut flap around on the deck of the boat, you will know how it is. These fish are known to break rods, coolers, and whatever may lay in its path. We had first hand experience with such an incident and the Konezone blade only took a few roughed up edges but no broken blade.


The blade and components used are commercial-grade


Application: The Konezone wonít be replacing the traditional flashers and dodgers that many have so much confidence in, but for those who are looking for another product that will give them a different action than everyone else on the water, this product will accomplish your goal. The Konezone HST flasher can be used for multiple species of fish such as salmon, stripers, halibut, lake trout, and more. You can run it either inline for a constant flashy spin or in a narrow and wide roll for different affects. Since all the blades come with such hefty swivels and snaps, at times when targeting smaller species you might want to downsize if you think itíll affect your presentation. Because of the built quality using super-heavy duty stainless steel components the Konezone can be used in saltwater and freshwater applications.


Anglers that troll in saltwater and freshwater can use the Konezone for halibut, salmon, Kokanee, and much more


Konezone HST Flasher Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well built using a thick piece of plastic along with stainless steel components 9
Performance This flasher will spin and produce attractive actions at both slow and fast speeds. You can rig it to run with three different actions. When youíre hooked you fight the fish, not the flasher 8.5
Price A couple of dollars more than traditional flashers and dodgers but thatís the price you pay for customization 8
Features Providing up to three different positions to create multiple actions, and the ability to customize the blade and tape color to your own likings. This lure features hefty stainless steel components 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Designed to flow through the water so that when you have a fish on youíre fighting the fish and not the flasher 9
Application Anglers who troll in saltwater and freshwater can apply this flasher to fish such as salmon, Kokanee, lake trout, halibut, stripers, and more 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Minimal drag when fighting the fish L Might need to downsize swivels and snaps for smaller fish
J Lots of available patterns + ability to customize L Higher cost than traditional flashers and dodgers
J Spins flawlessly at all speeds  
J Commercial-grade toughness  
J Multi-action (flasher+dodger characteristics)  

The Konezone trolling flasher hasnít been around for that long but the word about these slow rolling flashers is spreading like wildfire. Unlike conventional flashers and dodgers this product will put a whole new spin in attracting fish to strike. Compared to traditional flashers and dodgers the Konezone creates much less drag when fighting the fish, resulting in better landing ratios. The Konezone is available at local stores and online retailers where you can pick up various patterns, but if you have a hot pattern in mind, you can go through Konezoneís website to customize your own blade-tape colors. Donít leave your traditional flashers and dodgers at home, but remember to add the Konezone trolling flasher to your arsenal for this yearís fishing season.

Buy here: Konezone Trolling Flashers $ 8.95










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