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Lure Review


River 2 Sea and JSJ Team Up to Trigger Those Bass (continued)


Ease of Actuation : Once your bait is in the water all rigged and ready to go, a nice steady retrieve is all it takes to get the tail of the Trigger Trout moving. It's a very subtle swimming motion and more of a flutter than a pronounced back and forth tail wag. The baits body remains perfectly still through all speeds with the only action coming from that fluttering tail.


The Trigger Trout's unique tail flutters more than it wags back and forth


Pause the Trigger Trout or let it sink on splash down and it does so with a kind of sixty degree head down angle. It's not a straight up and down body position on descent, and it seem as if the tail does flutter ever so slightly as the bait descends.


With surface distortion, it's difficult to tell, but I'm pretty sure I saw some tail movement on repeated attempts watching the bait descend next to the boat. It's kind of secondary anyway because the bait falls pretty quickly at a rate of fall is about one foot per second.


On the left of the photograph, you see the kind of customary diagonal striping along the bait's belly, but on the right, above the lateral line, there is an actual scale pattern


Weedless performance is mixed. The slit at the top of the bait does a good job of keeping that hook point concealed and away from the weeds, but of course, the weeds still find a way to occasionally gather around the bait's head and your line as you swim it through. There's really no good solution for that other than avoiding the weeds which we all know is not going to happen.


Fins are very pronounced


Position at Rest : On the bottom, the Trigger Trout is not able to sit upright on its belly. It falls over, so it's probably not intended to be dead sticked on the bottom unless you have some custom modification tricks up your sleeve to make the body more buoyant.


The top hook channel in action concealing the hook point


The fins help conceal some of the hook

Durability : Overall this soft bodied bait held up fairly well through tests and that preformed hook channel really helps with hook up ratio and durability because the hook doesn't have to rip through the body at all to come out when you swing. In situations like that, I find even a small tear often opens the bait up to more damage because the unnatural break just encourages more structural failure as opposed to pre-cut or pre-formed channels that are designed to absorb that stress naturally. The bait is susceptible to wear from the fishes' teeth that will dig in and scar the soft plastic from which the bait is made.

Another look at the detachable centering pin making rigging so easy

Design & Ergonomics: The JSJ Trigger Trout is available in eight different colors and has everything you need to fish it right out of the package. The fact that River2Sea includes the hook is a convenience that should not go overlooked. Often, soft bodied swimbaits made to be fished with a single hook like this leave the consumer to find their own hardware. While many may choose to use their own hook anyway, it's always good to have the ability to open up a brand new package and find everything you need right then and there to start fishing.

Here's the custom, 9/0 wide gap swimbait hook with a custom rigging loop on the bottom for the attachment of a stinger hook, blade, or anything else that may come to mind

Price & Applications: River2Sea retails this bait for $27.99, so the Trigger Trout is priced kind of in between what you'd expect to pay for a small production run bait and something that is more mass produced. The bait's custom hook and that channel through the body to carefully guide the hook's placement give the bait a very custom touch. What's more, that hook has a loop on the bottom you can use to tweak the bait by adding a stinger hook or even a blade of some kind for some added flash.


River2Sea JSJ Trigger Trout Swimbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Nice detailing and very well executed paint schemes 9
Performance So easy to rig and tail has a nice, subtle and unique fluttering action 9
Price Kind of in between custom and mass produced, so about right for what it is. 7
Features Custom hook, convenient slits in the bait for rigging 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Unique tail design, good plastic consistency, 8 total colors 8
Application Good in open water or amongst weeds and just about anywhere in the water column 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Super easy to rig - Doesn't sit upright on the bottom when at rest
+ Unique fluttering action in tail  
+ Preformed hook channel also helps the bait last longer  
+ Custom swimbait hook with loop at the bottom for additional rigging options  


River2Sea's JSJ Trigger Trout is a realistic bait in the tradition of a Huddleston Deluxe yet so much easier to rig and fish


Conclusion: River2Sea's JSJ Trigger Trout swimbait is an interesting product. Because of the way it is packaged and the fact you fish it on an extra wide gap style weighted swimbait hook, I automatically think of this bait as a paddletail. Take one look at the bait's tail and you can see it clearly is not. The bait's body shape is also unlike a traditional paddletail bait. This is a realistic bait in the tradition of other soft bodies yet it so much easier to rig and fish. You have the option of fishing it straight up, right out of the package, or if you're so inclined, you can leverage the flexibility of the custom hook and rig it your way. Special orders will not upset this bait, and whichever way you fish it, the likelihood is you will trigger some bass.


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