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Event Article

New Products at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo


Date: 1/25/10
Location: San Mateo and Sacramento, CA
Event Date: Jan 14-24, 2010
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

We head to both the San Mateo and Sacramento International Sportsmen’s Expos and were excited to discover a few manufacturers that didn’t want to wait for ICAST 2010 to make their new product introductions.




The annual ISE shows are always a great place to take advantage of show specials and load up on new tackle and are also full of guides ready to take you on the fishing adventure of a lifetime.


Even the bass come out to greet attendees at the ISE show

 Many regional fishing shows including the ISE were hit hard last year by the slow economy. We hoped that 2010 would start off stronger than the previous season and we were pleasantly surprised by the strong turnout at the Sacramento show in particular from both manufacturers and attendees.


Kent Brown, Pro Angler and host of the radio show Ultimate Bass, introduces BASS Angler Ish Monroe to attendees

Phenix: Starting things out on the manufacturer side was the team at Phenix which had just completed a complete revamp of their entire line. The new rods are quite a drastic departure from the company’s more understated rods of the past. The new rods make use of exotic burl wood, composite cork and even some eva all blended seamlessly together to create an exclusive looking and feeling lineup of custom rods.


First up for the new rods is a completely redesigned Ultra MBX line from Phenix (note the fish logo denotes the first run and will not be on mass production rods)

The new rods replace the previous lineup and each rod bears a unique character that makes them instantly recognizable in the series. Burl wood actually deformed matter on trees and is usually an outgrowth on a tree. Burls are highly prized by artists for the unique shape, color and ring patterns, and I think we would all agree a premium rod is absolutely considered a work of art.


The new rods make use of exotic burl wood


The burl wood looks extremely exotic on these new rods but also serves a functional purpose as well. With inserts of different sizes Phenix is better able to balance out the new rods to make them feel less tip heavy. The triggers on Phenix’s proprietary reel seats are now rubberized as well for better grip.


A look at the new Ultra MBX grip which makes use of cork, cork composite and burl

The Ultra MBX sticks were among the most popular in the company’s previous lineup and the new rods feel much more balanced in hand. The rods continue to make use of Fuji premium SiC guides and will only retail for about 20 dollars more than the previous version due to the increased material cost of the custom burl grips.


The burl not only gives the rod a unique look it also helps balance out the rod

Phenix will be introducing two new swimbait sticks, one 7’11 and one 8’ in length. These rods are actually made out of woven carbon fiber all the way from the butt to the tip. In fact if you look closely at the tip you can actually still distinguish the weave. Many rod manufacturers make use of carbon fiber in portions of the rod but will transition to traditional graphite up the tip. Phenix wanted to make a stick completely out of woven graphite to improve both durability and power.


The swimbait rods feature an ergonomic knob sculpted from burl at the base of the rod


Like the Ultra MBX rods the new swimbait sticks feature a unique handle grip with burl highlights, in the case of these big bait sticks the entire knob at the end of the rod is ergonomically sculpted from the material. The 7’11” swimbait rod retails for $269 dollars while the 8’ version costs 20 dollars more.


Next Section: Phenix introduces new trout rods with burl









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