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Event Article: 2009 ISE Sacramento

Custom lures, Pros, and more at the 2009 International Sportsmen's Expo Sacramento (continued)

Black Dog and JSJ: Why are we covering both Black Dog and JSJ baits in the same section? The two companies formed an alliance prior to the show and to have some fun they exchanged lures and each company painted the other brand's product with some very limited edition designs. The result... some of the coolest and hottest selling swimbaits at the show.


Jermemy (Black Dog Baits) and Josh (JSJ) swapped lures before the show and painted them for some very exclusive limited edition lures


The lures retailed for 10 dollars more each, but to further entice fans of both brands if anglers purchased a lure from both companies they received a 10 dollar discount and a free T-Shirt.


A JSJ perch painted by Black Dog Baits


JSJ's new bluegill looked fantastic


Josh gave Black Dog's Punker the JSJ treatment with this awesome "Delta Demon" pattern


JSJ also introduced a number of new patterns


It didn't end just at their brands, Jeremy of Black Dog Baits decided to do up a few Tru-Tungsten swimbaits as well and added extra custom details and realism to these baits. By the time we got to the booth almost all of the custom lures had already sold. When we asked Jeremy (BDB) and Josh (JSJ) if this was just for the show or we would see more of these bait swaps for production they answered that for now this was a special for the show only. We can only hope that they partner up again for future events. Monster Tackle has JSJ 3 piece and 4 piece baits in stock.   


A limited edition hand painted Tru-Tungsten swimbait


Next Section: More swimbaits from Baitsmith and Tylure









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