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TackleTour talks about the past and the future for tackle with Shimano America's President, Dave Pfeiffer

Date: 10/6/06
Manufacturer: Shimano
Interview: Dave Pfeiffer
Title President, Shimano America
Interviewer: Zander



Meet Dave Pfeiffer Shimano America's new President

Introduction: It isn't everyday that you have the chance to sit down with the head of a multi-million dollar operation, and in the tackle industry they just don't get much bigger than Shimano. We recently had the opportunity to talk shop with the newly appointed President of Shimano American Corporation, David Pfeiffer. David takes over the helm from Kozo Shimano and currently oversees all functions of both Shimano's fishing tackle and bicycle component throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as lead sales and marketing efforts in the Caribbean and Central and South America.


Zander: First of all congratulations on your new role as President of Shimano America, could you spend a minute and tell us about your personal history here at Shimano?


Pfeiffer: As of this coming January, I will have been with Shimano for 19 years. I started as a regional sales manager and moved from there into various roles in charge of sales and marketing and eventually positions as director, vice president and executive vice president. 


Many people consider 19 years a long time to be with one company.  It has passed very quickly with Shimano because every day is exciting.  I tell people all the time that I look forward to going to work every day and I really do. 


Zander: Wow, that certainly is a long time at a single company. You must have seen a great many changes here, from your point of view how has Shimano evolved over the years in terms of products and a company overall?  

Shimano now makes tools for specific applications like the new Baysteel Muskie and Kingfish multi-tool

Pfeiffer: In terms of products, Shimano has been able to develop more and more specialized products that are very close to their target markets.  In many cases weíve been able to study certain fisheries or techniques and develop products that enhance and even expand the possibilities for anglers. 

As a company, Shimano truly touches markets all across the world.  In doing so, the Shimano brand is well recognized by people both within and outside our target markets. 

Zander: If I have my facts straight, you will oversee both cycling components and tackle in the region, is it challenging to wear two hats? Are there any similarities between the two markets?

Pfeiffer: The greatest challenge about wearing two hats is the desire to fully involve myself in both businesses. When you want to put everything you have into those businesses, there just never seems like enough time to do it all. 

There are a lot of similarities between the two markets. Cyclists and anglers get very passionate about the products they use and the amount of time they devote to each activity. Both are demanding about performance, product information and service. Certainly that makes for a good match in terms of how and where we decide to devote resources as a company. 

Zander: I remember in 1991 when the first Calcutta was released to market with a MSRP of 139 dollars. At that time many skeptics balked at the price. Today we are obviously well beyond that, why do you think the demand for premium tackle has continually grown over the years?    

The Shimano Calais 4x8 DC is sure a far fetch from that first 139 dollar Calcutta introduced 15 years ago

Pfeiffer: To really develop products that stir peoplesí emotions and fulfill dreams, more times than not it is going to be expensive.  People get excited about products that use new materials and great innovations to make their experiences even more intense.   

It also seems like many people only have enough time to pursue one or two activities seriously so they want to use the best products they can to make that time the most enjoyable.  I know Iím that way about fishing and running. I donít want to mess around with stuff that doesnít perform on par with the intensity I put into those activities.

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