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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Seaguar Introduces the New Gold Standard


Date: 7/11/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Seaguar
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: Seaguar, under its parent company name Kureha, has long been regarded in Japan as the top fluorocarbon line manufacturer in the world. The originators of fluorocarbon fishing lines, they have been working with the material for over 50 years using proprietary extrusion techniques to manufacture different formulations. This year, they further demonstrate that expertise.


Gold Label 100% Fluorocarbon Leader gets new, freshwater friendly strengths

Gold Label : Seaguar Gold Label is a new fluorocarbon leader material manufactured using a dual extrusion process to unite a strong, sensitive core with a soft, supple exterior. This process is proprietary to Seaguar and allows the manufacturer to produce a fluorocarbon leader that's thinner, stronger with better knot strength than anything they've offered before. Previously only offered in strengths that benefit saltwater anglers (15-40lb), the manufacturer is introducing strengths for freshwater anglers (2 to 12lb). Bass Pros Mark Daniels Jr. and Brandon Palaniuk have been using Gold Label over the past year to up their leader game and marvel over the small diameters yet incredible strength and suppleness. Gold Label comes with an MSRP of $16.99 to $18.99 for a 25 yard spool.


Inshore Fluorocarbon Leader is made for truly abrasive environments


Inshore Leader : Seaguar's new Inshore 100% fluorocarbon leader is built for truly abrasive environments. We're not talking about the typical weeds, rocks, and wood bass anglers fish around, we're referring to the shellfish beds, barnacles, and fish with actual teeth - like sharks. Seaguar developed this leader to help anglers pursuing redfish, speckled trout, drum, redfish and more in environments just like this and minimize the need to tie on a new leader between every catch. MSRP will range from $15.99 to $58.99 per 100 yard spool of 12 through 80 pound test.

IceX is engineered for the rigors of extreme cold weather environments

IceX : Fishing in cold, frigid conditions puts extreme demands on your equipment. A fishing line needs to remain supple, yet be able to withstand the abrasiveness of fishing through an eight inch diameter hole that runs down a couple of feet. Seaguar has developed IceX, a 100% fluorocarbon fishing line, with these qualifications in mind. This small diameter, low memory line is engineered from proprietary resins and delivers exceptional knot and tensile strength while delivering the necessary abrasion to resistance in the coldest environments. 50 yard spools of IceX in 2 through 8lb test will retail for $8.99 per spool.

Smackdown gets a high visibility color

Smackdown - Flash Green: Seaguar's Smackdown is a premium braided line and one of my favorites from this past year's batch of braided line reviews. The manufacturer is re-emphasizing the high vis, Flash Green color this year as it was the line bass pro, Chris Zaldain used for his top-10 finish at Lake Eufaula. The ability to see your hits, not just feel them, is critical when money is on the line, and that Flash Green color in Smackdown is a very easy line to spot, and track while you're fishing. Compliment it with one of the leader materials above or with their premium Tatsu mainline product, and you have the makings of a deadly main line and leader combo.









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