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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Savage Gear Launches Realistic Soft Bodied Arsenal Spanning Big Baits to NED


Date: 7/13/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: I always look forward to checking out the Savage Gear ICAST introductions, and the team seems to pump up the realism of their offerings with each season. This year the company focused on introducing new softbaits that range from swimbaits to salamanders that sport the highly lifelike profiles and patterns that the brand is known for.


Savage Gear's newest swimbait is the very realistic looking Pulse Tail Trout RTF


Pulse Tail Trout: The new Pulse Tail trout is Savage Gear's latest swimbait and will be available in a variety of ultra-realistic photoprint details and powered by the company's patent-pending Pulse Tail design. These trout are designed to look and swim like the real thing making them a good option for trophy fishermen in any body of water. The baits will come equipped with a heavy-duty jig hook and stinger, and the stinger is secured to an anchor with a cable which is hidden in the trout’s split dorsal design to minimize visible hardware for a more natural presentation. The Savage Gear Pulsetail will be available in 6" size (in 1 3/4oz. slow sink, and 2 1/3oz. fast sink), 8" size (in 4oz. slow sink and 4 3/4oz. fast sink) for $19.99, and 10" size (7oz. slow sink and 8oz. fast sink) for $29.99. All of these baits will be available in the Winter timeframe this year.


The Pinfish is a bite sized swimbait designed for clear and pressured waters


Pulse Tail Pinfish: With an extremely lifelike profile and finish the new Pulse Tail Pinfish swimbait is designed to look and move like the real thing due to its photoprint details and patent-pending Pulse Tail design. It is designed to target big fish in clear or fishing pressured waters. It has a built-in harness that delivers the perfect sink rate with enough buoyancy that allows it to sit upright on the bottom. Its embedded rattle and scent infused PVC construction is designed to draw attention and get fish to hold onto the bait longer with each strike. The Pulse Tail Pinfish weighs 1 1/4oz. and is a moderate sink class bait and will retail for $8.99 each.


Saltwater anglers will get a Ballyhoo line-thru swimbait


Ballyhoo: For saltwater anglers the Ballyhoo is a baitfish that has earned the affection anglers across the globe will also be available with the company's patent-pending Pulse Tail design. This soft bodied swimbait will be equipped with built-in rattle and available in photoprint details. It will come equipped with a line thru design and a heavy-duty hook will make sure fish stay pegged regardless of their acrobatic abilities. The Ballyhoo is a 6" bait that weighs 3/4oz. and will retail for $11.99 each.


The 3D lizard is more like a perfectly modeled 3D salamander


3D lizard: This might be the most realistic looking salamander yet, and the Savage 3D lizard is designed with anatomically correct profile and ultra-fine details to perfectly imitate a salamander in the wild. A great choice for a Texas rig, Carolina rig, trailer for skirted jigs and even flipping, the Savage Gear 3D Lizard is a versatile bass catching tool that excels in a variety of conditions. Each bait is scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression. The 3D Lizard will be available in 4" and 6" sizes and retail for $5.99 per pack.


The Dragon Tail is a hybrid bait that can be fished various ways


Dragon Tail: This hybrid worm, eel, swimbait lure features a ribbed body and contours displace a large amount of water giving it a subtle action but a big presence in the water, ideal for pressured fish in any water condition. Its tapered body design gives it a subtle swimming action when steady retrieved and an erratic darting and swimming action when jerked opening it to a broad realm of fishing applications. Injected out of durable plastisol and scent infused, this new plastic lure is designed to trigger feeding and aggression. The Dragon Tail will be available in 6" and 8" sizes and retail for $7.99 to $8.99 per pack. 


Lot's of finesse baits for Ned and shakeyhead work. The Ned Craw and Ned Salamander in particular look very interesting


A whole bunch of NED: Savage is also going big on finesse and ned style baits this year with multiple finesse baits including the Ned Craw, Ned Salamander, and others. In cold water or clear water environments, realism is the key to getting more bites. Because of this, Savage Gear designed their NED Craw with industry-leading realism to maximize performance where NED techniques truly shine. Each bait is injected out a custom salt and scent infused Duratech ultra-soft plastic formulation which is extremely buoyant and 12X more durable than standard soft plastics. The Ned Craw is 2.5” in length and with the perfect slow rise buoyancy to mimic a craw in a defensive stance while the Ned Salamander is 3" in length and features a slow rise. The new Savage Gear Ned baits will retail for $4.99 per pack and the company will also be introducing their own Ned jig hooks that are designed to pair perfectly with these new baits.










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