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Shimano Unleashes the new Chronarch CI4+ baitcaster with SVS Infinity Cast Control


Date: 7/10/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers and Press
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: Shimano was one of the first reel companies to embrace carbon composites in their high performance reels and this year they kicked it up a notch with the introduction of the new Chronarch CI4+ which leverages a new frame material and a new cast control system called the SVS Infinity braking system.


Shimano's Chronarch CI4+ took home Best of Show in the Freshwater Reel category today at ICAST


Designed for precision casting and finesse techniques the new reel features the same aggressive profile as the 2013 JDM Metanium but with a carbon composite frame versus magnesium. The new series includes the Chronarch CH150CI4+ and left-hand retrieve CH-151CI4+ with 6.2:1 gear ratios, and the CH-150CI4+HG and 151CI4+HG with 7.6:1 gear ratios.


This new reel features an aggressive profile that is comfortable to palm and feels light


The HG versions are capable of winding 32-inches of line per crank to come tight quick when fishing worms and jigs with a brisk 7.6:1 gear ratio. The 6.2:1 gear ratio models can provide more versatile use including jigs, small crankbaits, jerkbaits and swimbaits, while retrieving 26-inches of line per crank.


The reel features both internal and external cast control with the SVS Infinity brake system


For improved cast control the new Chronarch’s SVS Infinity brake system controls spool speed with “inner friction” for precision casting especially when using lighter lures. And external adjustment knob provides for quick, precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch baits. At the show the reels felt smooth and connected and the Shimano team made sure to highlight the inclusion of X-Ship design which eliminates “tilt” for more efficient gear engagement, something we have seen on the company’s spinning reels in the past.


A look under the sideplate


The use of the carbon in the reel’s frame makes for a very rigid yet lightweight platform, and one that will not corrode, which makes the reel a good option for inshore applications. To further combat the elements the reel features seven S-ARB anti-rust bearings. The reels will handle from 150 yards of 20-pound test to 105 yards of 40-pound test PowerPro – or 145 yards of 10-pound to 90 yards of 14-pound mono.


The spool is equipped with four brakes that can be locked out


So what will all this cost you? The MSRP for all the new Chronarch CI4+ reels is $269.99 which is significantly lower than the Core MG reels. Part of the benefit of using the carbon composite is the ability to deliver a lightweight yet refined reel at a more aggressive price point.


The Chronarch CI4+ will be made in Japan


Cal has been fishing the new Metanium which utilizes the new cast control system and has found it to be superior in just about every way from VBS. Interestingly the Chronarch CI4 has a similar but differentiated system with less but easier to adjust brakes. It will be interesting to see how this reel performs in the field.


Robby Gant with Shimano's Global Product Development team shows us the new Chronarch CI4+


In terms of new baitcasters the new Chronarch CI4+ is definitely one of the more exciting reels being unveiled this ICAST and took home a victory with a Best of Show in the ICAST New Product Showcase – Freshwater Reel category.










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