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Date: 7/13/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Koppers
Reviewer: Zander

Up till now Koppers Live Target lures have been known for primarily one thing, ultra realistic finishes. The company delivers more genuine looking finishes than just about anyone in the industry and their “targets” have been favored by anglers looking to present a close match to local prey. This ICAST the company made a big leap in terms of innovation and leveraged their quality finishes and designs with a new take on hardbaits...meet the BaitBall Series.


Koppers rolled out a truly exciting new product, the BaitBall Series


While traditional crankbaits, ripbaits and topwater lures typically represent one unit of prey the Baitball does exactly what the name implies, it presents multiple baitfish within a single lure. The new lure series is a sub-brand of the Livetarget brand and is built on the foundation that predatory fish often strike on not just one but multiple baitfish in a school. The implementation is impressive and when you look at these new lures you immediately get the impression that this is something truly new and unique.


Notice how the BaitBall presents targets both outside and inside the bait profile


The team at Koppers talked about how the traditional baits represent profiles of a small group of baitfish and not necessarily just one fish. For example the cubic mass of a single big crankbait more closely resembles 3-5 baitfish tightly packed together versus just one giant baitfish.


A popper version will accurately mimic fleeing baitfish breaking the surface


With this in mind the company has designed a bait that presents multiple baitfish in a single target. The finishes on the new Baitball provide not just a realistic finish but depth. There are multiple baitfish presented on the inside and outside of the lure that give the bait an even more genuine appearance in the water.


I can't wait to rip one of these in shallow water


Many colors are available to match the hatch


The company is rolling out new BaitBall Squarebills, Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, and Poppers that address both freshwater and saltwater applications. The main patterns will include Threadfin Shad and Emerald Shiner for freshwater and Glass Minnow for saltwater and within each of these pattern classes there are multiple colors to even more closely match the hatch.


Congratulations to Grant and the entire Koppers team on the introduction of this exciting new lure series, we can't wait to see what it can do in the field


Will the new BaitBall incite a trigger response in predatory fish, especially bass? We are betting it not only will incite that response in our favorite fish but in anglers as well. This is truly an innovative new weapon in our arsenals and was probably the most exciting new hardbait at the show. So exciting that it took home Best of Show in the hard lure category. The BaitBall Series lures will retail for $16.99 when they start shipping in Q4 of this year. We can hardly wait.











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