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Date: 7/13/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

While the Tatula was definitely the big launch for Daiwa at ICAST they also rounded out their line with new additions in their mainstream segment. The Lexa series has already been a big hit for Daiwa and the 100 size has proven to be a great workhorse reel for bass anglers while the 300 size is great for swimbaits or targeting larger species like Salmon, Muskie, Striper and Steelhead.


A power handle on a Lexa? Meet the 4000PWR-P model


This ICAST the company rolled out an even bigger Lexa, the mammoth 400 size reel which actually manages to make the 300 look small. Holding 300 yards of 55lb Samurai braid this big baitcaster can be employed for Mukie, Tarpon, Cobia, White Seabass, Yellowtail, Dorado and even Sailfish. Designed to take on these big fish Daiwa dropped in a more powerful drag which is spec’d out at 25lbs of pressure.


The new 400 size is massive and can hold 300 yards of 55 lb line!


The new 400 size Lexa will be available in retries ranging from 5.1:1 (power) to 7.1:1 (high speed). These reels continue to be a great value and will retail for only 50 dollars more than the 300 size at $249.99 per copy. 


A dual handle reel is also available


Isla: Daiwa’s top end freshwater and saltwater spinning reels all leverage the company’s magsealed design which uses magnetic oil that can change density and shape to create a low friction seal for the rotating shaft. While very cool this feature still costs a premium and Daiwa’s big game saltwater spinning reels like the Saltiga and Saltiga dogfight retail for a $1099 to $1399 dollars respectively.


Looking for a big game saltwater reel but don't want to invest in a Saltiga? The Isla delivers a ton of the features in a more affordable package


For those anglers that want to leverage the benefits of magseal and a whole lot of the features that make these top end reels so great like a zaion carbon composite rotor and digigear design the company is introducing the Isla which is basically a lower end version of the Saltiga. When we say lower end this reel is still a whole lot higher up the spectrum than the company’s Saltist line and really benefits from the concepts and technology originally pioneered in the Saltiga Series.


The Isla makes use of Daiwa's magnetic oil based "mag seal"


The company will be introducing four new Isla reels from 4000 to 7000 size. The 4000, 5000 and 7000 standard reel will all feature a 5.7:1 retrieve while a 7000 Bull model will be exactly what the name implies, ultra powerful with a 4.3:1 retrieve. Unlike a Saltiga anglers will not need to spend over a thousand dollars for the Isla and the new reels retail from $699 to $899 dollars each.


The Isla also has a Zaion air rotor like the Saltiga


It wasn’t just new reels this ICAST for Daiwa, stay tuned as we still need to cover a complete slew of new rod lines designed specifically for the new reels in terms of styling and balance.











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