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Okuma’s RTX Spinning Reels Deliver Carbon Fiber Construction for Less than $100 dollars!

Date: 7/11/12
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Okuma
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Introduction: Just a few weeks ago we checked out Okuma’s new Helios spinning reels at Lake El Salto in Mexico. The Helios spinning reel features Carbon Fiber framing and aluminum gearing to create a reel that is both lightweight, extremely strong and more corrosion resistant. When viewed in the bright sun at El Salto we could clearly see the long strand carbon fiber in the reel’s construction.


John and Sam show us the new Okuma Helios family of reels

Instead of using a standard resin with a powdered filler for strength the reel’s long strand carbon is interwoven thousands of times enhancing the connections and increasing the strength of the overall frame, and because less resin is required weight is reduced by 25% over standard graphite frames. On the new Helios anglers will find both the frame and rotor benefit from this “C-40X” construction.

The new Helios spinning reel celebrates carbon fiber design and construction

To complement the C-40X carbon fiber frame and rotor recognizable carbon fiber inserts constructed out of resin-impregnated carbon cloth are used on the side plates, drag knob and handle arm. These functional pieces also help minimize weight and deliver an excellent strength to weight ratio.

The handle makes use of carbon fiber as well

The internals feature aluminum gearing and a brass pinion gear, 9+1 bearings, and carbonite drag washers underneath a waterproof drag seal. The Helios spinning reel will be available in 25, 30, 35 and 40 sizes in a standard 5.0:1 gear ratio and the 25 and 40 sizes will also come in a high speed 6.0:1 ratio as well. The Helios spinning reels will retail for a very reasonable $139.99 for all sizes. 

The RTX makes use of long strand carbon fiber and aluminum construction but the most exciting thing about this reel is the price. This carbon fiber reel breaks the 100 dollar barrier!

While the Helios reels garnered plenty of attention the company also surprised attendees with the unveiling of another carbon fiber based reel called the RTX. The RTX also features long strand carbon fiber framing and the same basic form factor as the Helios. The RTX also featured an anodized aluminum main gear, oscillation gear and slider as well as a brass pinion gear for smooth mesh and a fluid feel.

Close up you can see the carbon strands

The RTX has a 7+1 bearing count and makes use of Japanese oiled felt drag washers versus the carbonite washers employed in the Helios. The RTX also makes use of more traditional aluminum components for the handle and comes with a two toned machined and ported aluminum spool.

The Helios now shares the same platform as the Komodo

The RTX looks like a compelling offering and features a lot of what we liked about the Helios, but what really makes this reel so exciting is the aggressive price point. The RTX delivers carbon fiber design and performance for only $99.99 dollars! When it comes to bang for the buck the new RTX is going to be hard to beat.

The move makes it possible to make left handed Helios reels....finally

On the baitcast front Okuma also made a move with the Helios baitcasting reel and has migrated the reel over to the same profile as the Komodo. This move was made to increase the size of the reel's gearbox and make a left handed version possible. The new reel features eight bearings including ABEC-5 rated spool bearings and a Carbonite drag system. The new reel makes use of a carbon fiber handle and green highlights just like the current generation reels.

The new reel still makes use of a carbon fiber handle

The current Helios weighs Komodo weighs 6.3oz. and the Komodo weighs 6.5oz. and the new reel, while it may look like the Komodo, also weighs in at the same 6.3oz. as the previous reel. While we like the ergonomics of the current generation reel one thing we find admirable about the new reel is the price has bee reduced 20 dollars for a MSRP of only $199.99, demonstrating Okuma's commitment to performance and great value. 









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