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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

WaveSpin Goes Small to Deliver Big

Date: 7/21/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: We received all manner of emails from the folks over at WaveSpin after we published our review of their original DH3000 spinning reel. Even Doug Hannon himself took the time to send us a note. So when we walked up to their booth at ICAST this year, H.M. Song, the manufacturing manager at WaveSpin was ready for us.


Introducing WaveSpin's new DHxL Ultralight spinning reel

The DHxL is the latest reel in WaveSpin's lineup and it's target audience is ultralight anglers. Weighing it at only seven ounces, Song told us they did not simply downsize the DH3000, but they started from the ground up to build this reel.

The DHxL features the same, patented, WaveSpin spool...


The list of refinements include a tapered top lip on the spool to address low line conditions, a newly designed line keeper on the spool made specifically for small diameter lines, a new bail arm assembly, a new handle assembly, and perhaps most important of all, a 10 disc drag that delivers ultra smooth, consistent performance throughout its range. Top end drag on this UL reel is rated at 24 pounds!


.... but this particular reel is new from the ground up and features a host of improvements.

The reel features the same breakaway spool and now comes with a clip to keep the 10-disc drag intact when the lid is taken off. These improvements did not come easily either as Song explained he and Doug Hannon argued for days over the seemingly simple decision of what type of knob to put on the reel.

Specified at only 7 ounces, its weight belies a powerful drag rated by wavespin at over 20 pounds at full lockdown.


Of course, the new reel breaks down as easily as its predecessors.

Even then with all these changes and the building of this reel from the ground up, WaveSpin managed to keep the price of the new DHxL at a mere $72.

H.M. Song proudly holds up the reel that's kept him busy over the last year, WaveSpin's new DHxL.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the WaveSpin reel might seem like a budget solution to most, but make no mistake about it, the passion which exists within the company from CEO Russ Riley, to designer Dough Hannon, to Manufacturing Manager, H.M. Song is as prideful and determined as any tier 1 manufacturer in existence today. It's great to see this type dedication not only to in a product, but to improving and growing a product and brand so that it can be the best possible regardless of pricepoint.










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