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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Bill Siementel Shares with TackleTour More of His "Secret" Projects!

Date: 7/21/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: When we stopped by the Spro booth to say hello to our friend Bill Siementel, we didn't really expect to see much other than some promised new colors of the BBZ-1 Trout and of course, the already previewed BBZ-1 Shad, but Bill was so excited to see us, he decided to pull something out of his secret stash to once again tease us with more of "what's to come".


Bill shows Cal the display of new BBZ-1 8" colors

But first back to the original BBZ-1 and the bait that started it all for Bill and Spro in the big bait scene. New for this year will be a palate of new colors including two carp colors and a perch.

The foil finish behind this herring colored BBZ-1 Shad is reminiscent of another well known bait giant in the bass fishing industry.


We also got to see up close and personal, new production run colors of the BBZ-1 Shad although not all of them came out quite as Bill had anticipated. The Sexy Lavender Shad came back not very sexy and not very lavender according to Bill's desires, so it's back to the airbrush for that color.


This BBZ-1 Shad in its final packaging

Otherwise, things are going according to plan so look for this new, $19.99 bait to hit store shelves shortly. But just as we thought we were done, Bill smiled, looked around and said, "Ok, I have to show you guys this". With that, he ducked down behind a display and pulled out a black attaché. Entering his secret code, he unlocked the brief case, stuck his head under the cover and pulled out...

Bill reaches into his "secret" stash and pulls out...

...the new pre-production 6" BBZ-1 anglers have been clamoring for over the past two years! Bill promised us that it's ALMOST there, and we have to say, the bait looks great. It's a perfect downsized version of the original BBZ-1.

The new 6" BBZ-1 trout!

Here's a size comparison with the BBZ-1 8" (in perch) and the BBZ-1 6"

As soon as we were done snapping some pictures, Bill did it again. He looked around, opened the briefcase, and stuck his head inside to look around while keeping the case half open. This time, it looked as though he was loading up a handful of items. Finally, he looked up with a smile and threw several baits down on the table, one after the other.

Bill dives into his briefcase for a second time...

Bill has been busy putting together an arsenal of soft plastic swimbaits as well with everything from a little shad/minnow bait to a sunfish, baby bass, perch, and eight inch trout!

... and pulls out an array of soft bodied swimbaits!


But unique to these baits is the hook design. Most of these baits will feature a two-pronged jig style hook designed to increase hook up ratios when the bait is charged from the side and decrease the need for a stinger hook.


A few weighting issues here and there and these baits are just about ready to start production.

Not only that, but these are not your ordinary, run of the mill soft plastic swimbaits. Normally these baits are used for bed fishing or crawling along the bottom at an excruciatingly slow speed. But Bill's new baits are designed to be fished fast or slow, and more importantly, they are designed to deflect in the water like a hard bait when jerked with the rod tip.

Almost all will feature these new, frog/jig style hybrid hooks to increase hook up ratios when the bait is struck from the side.

What does that mean? Well, normally, when you jerk the tip of your rod with an 8" soft bodied trout, it will just swim faster towards you but stay in a straight line. Bill has worked hard at weighting these baits in such a manner that when you jerk the rod tip, they will run to one side or the other, then correct themselves - similar to what a fleeing baitfish would do. Quite astonishing when you think about it and we cannot wait to test these in the water. Once again, Bill said the are ALMOST ready, and he hopes to have the first of his soft baits available by the beginning of 2009.

Make no mistake about it, Bill works hard to get his baits built the way he wants, but when things finally work out, he's as giddy as a kid in a candy store.


Conclusion: We almost forgot. Bill says he expects the price of the most expensive of his soft baits not to exceed... well, we promised not to say. Let's just say for the price of a typical 8" soft bodied trout, if things work out, you'll be able to buy more than two of Spro's interpretation. Incredible? That's what we seem to say every time we run into Bill at one of these events. His enthusiasm for the sport, for making baits, and sharing his adventures in both fishing and creating new products is contagious and we cannot wait to try out his new baits!










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