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Matt Servant of Mattlures Gives TT an Exclusive First Look at ...

Date: 7/17/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour






Introduction: Early this year, we received a phone call from Matt Servant, founder and CEO of Mattlures telling us of a project he had in the works which, with any luck, he was hoping to be able and show us at ICAST 2008. Details were sketchy as he was closely guarding the secrets of his project, but he ensured us it would be something exciting and something no one would expect to see from him.


Matt Servant of Mattlures shows off his new line of Big Bait Sticks!

Of course, the question around TT headquarters from the time of that initial phone call to now was, what in the world could Matt be working on that is so secretive and yet, so unexpected? Well, We finally caught up with him on the floor of this year's ICAST where Matt finally let the cat out of the bag.

At first glance, the Mattlures swimbait rods don't look like anything too different than what's already in the market...


Introducing Matt Servant's very own line of custom designed swimbait sticks. Built with the help Reaction Strike, these fishing rods were all designed by Matt and feature an innovation as potentially revolutionary as his Ultimate Bluegill swimbait.


... but wait, what's with that rear grip?

What could that innovation be? How about a telescopic rear grip that when extended, enables the angler to fish the rod in the traditional big bait mode where length of cast is paramount and the angler tucks the rear grip under his underarm while slowly crawling the bait back to his position, or, when retracted, enables the angler to actually work a bait without the rear grip of the rod getting in the way?

This is what's up! It extends to present a split rear grip rod with a traditional big bait handle, but is also fully functional with a retracted rear grip so as not to get in your way when fishing a bait that requires a more active presentation!

All Matt had to show us were first generation prototypes and adjustments to the detailing and graphics of these sticks are still to be made. Further, exact details of models and price points are still to be revealed, but early indications are there will possibly be two different lines, one featuring Fuji Alconite guides, and the other featuring Fuji SiC guides.

Matt Servant has paid close attention to our coverage of Enthusiast rods from overseas and has borrowed some styling queues from these fancy sticks enabled with custom machined parts just for his new line of rods.

Each line will feature four 7'11" rods in medium, medium heavy, heavy, and extra extra extra heavy powers (capable of launching a 2 pound bait) and one nine foot rod in extra heavy. From what we were able to tell from these first generation prototypes, the rods are very light for their power ratings, and really comfortable to handle. The clean, yet sophisticated styling is very promising. We will share more details on these sticks and their expected price points when that information is communicated to us, but for now, know that the target ship date of these rods to stores is late fall, early winter 2008.

These graphics are not final and will be adjusted, but judging from what we've seen so far, we are definitely excited to see what the final production models will turn out to be and look forward to bringing you a full on review of Mattlures's new rod series!

Matt gives TT readers an excusive look at his upcoming bait!









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