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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Matching the Hatch with Hard Baits, Koppers Live Target Lures

Date: 7/23/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour






Introduction: Each bait company, it seems, takes a different approach to building baits. Most all of the hardbait manufacturers offer their array of cranks, jerkbaits, and topwaters in a variety of colors meant to mimic local forage (or not), and of course they do this on generic bodies or blanks. Koppers is a new bait company out of Canada taking a new approach to the art of making hardbaits.


The Koppers Live Target Shiner baits

Koppers's central concept regarding their hard bodied baits is one of matching the hatch. They do so with as anatomically perfect and detailed a bait as possible when doing so in the confines of a hard bodied lure. This approach creates multiple flash points to attract predators with no flat spots on the lures' bodies mitigating against those keys which tell a fish something they are pursuing may not be natural. Thereby triggering more strikes.

A look at the available hues of the Crawfish Fat Bodied crankbait


But they take that even a step further with the color schemes. Only paints and patterns that are natural to the profile of the bait they are making are used. For example on their perch bait, instead of offering a multitude of color schemes on this body like chartreuse shad, crawdad, or even rootbeer, Koppers will only be offering perch patterns. The catch is, they will offer perch patterns to match the different, natural colorations of this fish whether that be a brightly colored perch in clear water, muddied colored perch in stained water, or something in between.


Their signature bait, the Perch.

Right now, Koppers has four bait offerings in their product line, a crawfish (fished like a fat crankbait), a perch (fished like a normal, diving crank), a shad (another cranking option), and a shiner (a lipless crankbait).

One body three different lips, three different diving depths and actions.

Packaged with each bait is an instruction sheet with suggestions on how best to use each lure in varying conditions. Koppers believe in education and helping anglers catch fish on their baits, so what better way to accomplish this goal than to provide a set of tips and instructions with each new lure?

Keeping it simple and detailed, this is the entirety of their current product line.

Certainly, there are other baits in the works for this young and aggressive bait company, but these are all the products we are allowed to share at this time, and yes, Cal planted the seed for a certain eight or even ten inch bait as well!

Each bait comes with a set of tip sand techniques on how to fish the product.

Their signature Perch bait retails for $12.99

All of the Koppers Live Target baits are designed in Japan but manufactured in China. This strategy has resulted in a bait with the suggested retail price of $11.99. This price applies to all their current line up of baits save the perch which is offered at $12.99.

Grant Koppers (left) and Terry Kellar (right) show us their new baits.


Conclusion: Koppers has just started distribution of their baits, but from what we've seen, it shouldn't take long before word spreads and their innovative approach to lure making results in stores across the country wanting to stock their product. We look forward to watching this company grow and you can be sure we'll be procuring a few baits to add to our review queue for 2009!










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