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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Fin-tech takes a SHot at the Title ...

Date: 7/20/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour






Introduction: The terminal tackle market is a crowded, underappreciated segment of the fishing industry. Why, an angler can fill several large sized utility boxes with the variety of single 1/4 ounce jigheads available on the market today. This segment lacks the glamour and flash of the baitmaking side, yet it is as essential as the line on your reel. Even still, when you take a close look at what some of the manufacturers are making for this market, you're often left scratching your head wondering why you hadn't been able to find "something like this" sooner.


The product that started it all for Fin-tech about 15 years ago, the Nuckle Ball Jig.

The Nuckle Ball Jig: Fin-tech's interpretation of the ball jighead is now fifteen (15) years old yet it's as fresh as if it was just introduced today. Unique to this head is the concave surface on the back of the jig that serves as a pocket for the head of your soft plastic baits keeping them somewhat protected thereby helping them last longer through your days fishing.

The guys at Fin-tech break out the entire color array for us to see.


The head's unique geometry also gives it a very low center of gravity and on a bare hook, tossed on a solid surface, the jigs roll into position and stand with the hook straight up all on their own. They remind us of that old commercial "weebles wobble but they don't fall down". The Nuckle Ball Jighead by Fin-tech is not THAT perfect, but a good eight times out of ten on a dry surface, they proved effective.


The Nuckle Ball Jig has an excellent standup action

Get these heads rigged up and tossed in the water, and the percentages increase to a near 100% standup success rate. We witnessed this in the take they had within their booth at ICAST - impressive indeed. The Nuckle Ball Jig is available in as few quantities as a pack of two (starting at $1.78) or as many as twenty five (starting at $17.85). They are also available in a more standard 6 pack starting at $4.44. There are eleven available colors, and four sizes from 1/16th ounce up to 3/8ths ounce.

Rig the baits like this, by stabbing the bait just under the head...


Turn it around and tuck the head inside the bait and there you have it!

Jitt-R: Leveraging the successful design of these jigheads, Fin-tech also makes a bladed, swimming version titled the Jitt-R that behaves much like the Chatterbait. It is available in seven colors and four sizes (1/16th oz - 3/8 oz) and are sold one each for $3.51 and under.

Fin-tech's interpretation of the bladed swim jig.

Title SHot: New for this year from Fin-tech is a series of jigheads referred to as the "Title SHot". All products in this line of jigheads features their patented bait retainer system that flexes at the point of connection to the jighead instead of twisting or bending. That way, when pressure is applied by a fish striking your bait, the weed guard will move out of the way and enable the hook to come through and set with zero interference by the bait keeper.

New for Fin-tech is their Title SHot jigheads with a patented bait keeper

This graphic demonstrates the concept behind Fin-tech's new baitkeeper

Mike Huppert (R&D) and Doug Hartle (CEO) demonstrated their keeper system to us rigging some soft plastic, paddletail swimbaits on the Title Shot jigheads and they seem to be very effective. The series consists of six products, the original Title SHot Jig, the TS Shorty Jig, the TS Shaky Jig, the TS Football Jig, and the TS Spoon.

Also new in this series is their Skip Jig


The Skip jig features a planing surface at the base of the head to assist in scooting or dragging the jighead along the bottom without turning the bait over.

The original Title SHot Jig is available in packs of 2 starting at $2.42, comes in four different colors, and is available in 7 different sizes starting from 1/8 ounce on up to 3/4 ounce. For more information on these and other products by Fin-tech, please visit the company's site.

Mike Huppert (left) and Doug Hartle (right) show us Fin-tech's exciting array of terminal tackle.


Conclusion: Fin-tech Tackle Company has been manufacturing quality terminal tackle products for over a decade and yet, it wasn't until ICAST 2008 that we were made aware of their product. Such is the crowded and confusing space that is the terminal tackle world in today's tackle industry. Stick with it long enough with a product that can stand the test of time and fish, and you'll eventually get noticed. We have our eyes set on Fin-tech now, so hopefully, we can bring you more on their products in the coming year.










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