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ICAST 2016 Coverage

G.Loomis Ushers in the New GLX Rod Series


Date: 7/13/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Three letters that every Loomis fan knows… GLX, the rod series that redefined the brand all the way back in 1993. This ICAST G.Loomis introduces the next generation with the introduction of 35 new GLX bass rods, offered in lengths, powers and actions for jig and worm, all-around G. Loomis Mag Bass, spin jig, flip-punch, ShakyHead and drop shot fishing situations.


Three letters that need no introduction... GLX

I still remember the very first GLX drop I saved up for, and when I finally got the Mag Bass 783C is didn’t disappoint. For many the GLX Series from G.Loomis ushered in a new era of what they should expect from a premium rod in terms of crisp feel and sensitivity. The new rods are designed to not only build upon what made GLX great but do so with even lighter overall weight and improved ergonomics.


New for this season is a lighter more modern GLX Series from G.Loomis

“When you first pick up any of the new GLX rods, anglers will quickly notice blanks up to 20-percent lighter and better handle design ergonomics,” said G. Loomis product development manager Dave Brinkerhoff. “But where the rods really shine is the better balance that enhances to total, overall rod fishability. Many will ask how we could make our GLX bass rods better, but we did. It’s the never-ending improvements in our manufacturing processes, our materials, better component, and add to that our own crazy passion for fishing. And now we’re happy to share that with other bass anglers.”


The casting rods still feature an aggressive reel seat

The new rods feature cosmetics that echo the original series with blue threading but with the inclusion of carbon inserts in the rear grip that modernize the look and feel of the rods. With 20 casting and 15 spinning GLX rods offered, anglers have a wide choice of specific models for their specific fishing techniques. There are 11 casting and six spinning ‘Jig & Worm’ rods, all with split graphite grips and in lengths from 6’8” to 7’5”. Include in the line-up is the 6”8” GLX 804C JWR power rod for fishing in close around heavy cover, and the deep-water 893C JWR with enough tip to fish medium-sized jigs and soft plastics. The lengthy 892S JWR and 893S JWR spinning rods are ideal for open water use when casting tubes.


The spinning reels have a reel seat designed to provide plenty of access to the cork handles and soft touch components for more comfort while fishing all day long

For all-around use for anything from Texas-rigged worms to spinnerbaits, the full-grip GLX ‘Mag Bass’ casting rods are offered in five models - 6’6” and 7’, including the GLX 783C MBR, a versatile choice for fishing jigs and worms, as well as spinnerbaits. The all-around ‘Spin Jig’ spinning rods – in 6’, 6’6” and 7’ lengths and with split-grips, are ideal for lighter lures and smaller plastic creature baits. They include the 783S SJR, a lightweight, ultra-sensitive 6'6" rod with a fast, powerful taper for positive hooksets. Anglers can flip and punch with four GLX FPR rods – two each 7’5” and 7’11” models – where the longer lengths contribute to accurate casting and the powerful blanks can haul fish out of heavy cover. On the opposite end of the spectrum of the new GLX line-up there are two 6’10” dropshot spinning rods – a mag-light and mag-medium power, and a 6’10” mag-light power ‘ShakyHead’ rod.


The most stylized GLX yet? Check out the carbon fiber inserts in the base of the handle

To make the rods lighter than the previous GLX versions, the new models feature specifically designed cork handle configurations with either reduced diameter fore grips, decreased hourglass shaped rear grips, or as with the spinning rods, a depression designed into the cork fore grip for added comfort. All the GLX rods have Fuji ‘K’ frame guides with SIC rings, and feature a special corrosion-resistant coating. G. Loomis provides a unique look with a fade paint process within the butt section to give the new rods even more character.


Bruce Holt of G.Loomis shows us the exciting new GLX Series

Like other G.Loomis rods the new GLX Series are all made in the company’s Woodland, Washington factory. The GLX rods also come backed the G. Loomis’ limited lifetime warranty and Expeditor Service and will retail from $420 to $465. The new GLX rods are without a doubt going to be some of the most eagerly anticipated rods coming out of ICAST, and the good news is that anglers won’t have to wait long as the rods are starting to ship to retailers and e-tailers this week. Who doesn’t love a hard launch!









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