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Gammy Extends Their Swivel Reach


Date: 8/8/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Gamakatsu
Reviewer: Cal

It was a relatively quiet show this year for Gamakatsu - at least on the bass side. The company continues to refine their G-Finesse series of hooks finally bringing to market a hook Shin Fukae shared with us some time ago - the Swivel Shot Worm.


Introducing the Swivel Shot Worm hook.


Swivel Shot Worm: The Swivel Shot Worm is just that, a straight shank hook attached to the swivel shot swivel. Rigging is simple and because the hook swings free, line twist and leverage by the fish during a fight is minimized. The Nano Smooth Coat coating on each hook aids in the hook set and the tin baitkeeper is built to hold onto your soft plastics.


This swivel makes rigging quick and easy and presents your bait at a different angle than when tying straight to the hook.


The nano coating Gammy uses on their G-Finesse series of hooks makes their already sharp hooks super easy to penetrate.


The Swivel Shot Worm will be sold in packs of four in both 1/0 and 2/0 sizes. Final pricing is still being ironed out but expect it to be somewhere around the existing Swivel Shot product which is about $6.99 per package with availability being early Spring 2017.

Thank you to John Crews for showing us what's up with Gamakatsu.

Conclusion: Of course, with our luck, Shin Fukae was not at the booth to help show off his new design when we arrived at Gamakatsu, but fortunately, John Crews was on hand to walk us through the product. We're excited to see more product in this G-Finesse line as that smooth, nano coating makes hooksets almost effortless.










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