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Date: 7/16/16
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Big Bite Baits is quietly and effectively becoming a huge player in the soft bait market. While the company's Real Deal Shad variations have been a success, what's been missing in their arsenal is a hollow body paddletail swimbait. Enter this year's ICAST introduction, the Suicide Shad.


Big Bite Baits enters the hollow body swimbait frey with the Suicide Shad.


Suicide Shad: For those who have been paying attention, the Suicide Shad is actually not brand brand new since it's been available since July 1st. It's a hollow body swimbait that features a hard head for more solid rigging on jigheads. This enables the baits to last longer than traditional hollow bodies as well.


The Suicide Shad has a soft plastic body but the head is slightly harder to aid in durability.

The tail of course, is paddle style.


The Suicide Shad will be available in a three and a half (3.5) inch and a five and a half (5.5) inch size and in eight (8) different colors. The baits will retail for approximately $5.99 in packs of four (4) for the 5.5" and packs of five (5) for the 3.5.

Introducing the Pocket Whopper.

Pocket Whopper: Do you find lure knockers cumbersome, difficult to store, and all around inconvenient? Big Bite Baits introduced a pocket sized version of a lure knocker with their Pocket Whopper. It is simply a four ounce (4oz) weight with a line snap on top, but it's also coated with a thick, durable paint so the raw lead isn't rubbing around inside your pocket leading to possible issues with lead poisoning down the line.

A painted 4 oz lead weight with a clip on top for use as a bait knocker.

The Pocket Whopper easily attaches to your line with the pre-rigged snap. They sell in individual packs of ne for $4.99.

Thank you Russ Lane for showing us what's new with Big Bite Baits!

Conclusion: Big Bite Baits makes it their edict to enable the angler to leave no rockpile, weedline, submerged brush, dock, sunken boat unturned providing a soft plastic bait for just about any situation. The new Suicide Shad fits in nicely to an already extensive array of bait products. Thanks to Russ Lane and the entire team at Big Bite Baits for sharing with us what's new for 2017.










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