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Date: 7/11/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Storm
Reviewer: Cal

Brandon Palaniuk is a fast rising young star on the BASS Elite Circuit tour recently swept up in a storm of controversy resulting from his Day 2 disqualification from the Mississippi River event out of La Crosse, Wisconsin based on what many believe to be an unfair technicality. The silver lining in this storm was the light he shed on a new series of baits he used to gain that 2 day lead before the disqual. The new Arashi series of crankbaits blend modern technology and JDM styling into a product made for the US angler.


Arashi is Japanese for Storm.


The interesting feature of these crankbaits? The self tuning line tie.


Self Tuning Line Tie : There are three baits to the series, a square bill, flat sided crank, and a deep runner, but the real story behind these plugs is the self tuning line tie. The tie is connected to a pivoting piece of metal that cuts through the baits' circuit board lip and serves to tune the lure as you're fishing it to ensure true running on every cast.


Notice how the line tie is attached to that metal arm that slides into the front of the bait? That arm moves up and down enabling the bait to self-tune as you're working it back to the boat.


Palanuik claims it is this feature that kept him on fish when others were struggling working their baits through the cover and debris in the Mississippi river. Because his baits were running true on every cast, he was more efficient working the water and was able to build an almost insurmountable lead.

The other interesting feature of this bait is the rotated hook loop on the front of the bait. It's turned 90d to keep the front hook from sliding too far back and tangle with the back hooks during a cast.

Other Tweaks: These baits are built with circuit board lips for durability and a rotated front hook hangar that has an interesting advantage. With the 90d rotation of the hook loop on the bottom of the bait, larger hooks can be attached without fear of tangling on the back hook during a cast or while working the bait. This again means better efficiency while working the bait through the water and better hookups once a fish strikes if you're using a larger hook.

This is the Square 3 squarebill (silent bait).

This is the Flat 7 (rattling bait).

JDM Finishes: Capping off all the previously mentioned advantages are finishes not normally found on baits of this price point. Arashi is a subset with the Storm family of lures and retail for $7.99. But despite the affordable price point, the finishes on these baits are reminiscent of baits made in and imported from Japan.

This is the Arashi Deep 10 (rattling).

Conclusion: The Arashi series of baits by Storm and tied closely with Brandon Palanuik are just the type of baits to peak our interest - something different without being over the top with a finish and price point everyone can enjoy. We look forward to testing these baits out for ourselves to see how perfect this Storm can be.










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