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Date: 7/21/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Cal

SPRO continues to add to their lineup of lures that leverage the expertise and specialties of their well known prostaff, for example their popular BBZ swimbait series from Bill Siemental, and their aggressively styled crankbaits from John Crews. We always look forward to checking out what they have new and this year, John was on hand at ICAST to show us what's up!




Baby Fat John 50: John Crews's array of cranks have become a staple of Zander's repertoire every time we Crank It Up and this year, Little John gets fattened up. The Baby Fat John 50 is a small (50mm), light (3/8oz) crank built to deliver it's own erratic wobbling action during retrieve. Thanks to a unique weighting system and design, the bait will intermittently kick off to the side as if it's deflecting off a piece of structure. This erratic action is sure to attract a lot of bites.


The Baby Fat John 50 is a finesse cranker with big bite potential.


A smaller sibling of the Baby Fat John 60, this bait only weighs 3/8oz.


Bronzeye Shad: Dean Rojas can credit a lot of his tournament success to his expertise fishing frog baits. The Bronzeye Frog is his signature bait but not everyone out there is able to work it to the same success as he. This year, Dean, with the help of Spro, is introducing a new frog like bait called the Bronzeye Shad.


This bait differs from a frog bait in that the legs are oriented more like a tail than actual frog legs splayed out to the side. Additionally, the body is more streamlined than a typical frog bait. Looking at the bait head on, you can see it has a bit of a keel to it as well.

The new Bronzeye Shad is built like a frog bait, but with a more shad like profile.

Notice how the legs are oriented vertically - more like a tail, and the big belly of the bait similar to a baitfish in profile.

These design tweaks serve to deliver a bait that casts like a traditional topwater frog, but once it hits the water, is among the easiest baits to walk. Work it with enough slack line and the bait will almost stay in place sliding from side to side. The Bronzeye Shad will retail for $10.99 at your favorite retailers.

The bait's large keel together with it's unique tail combine to make a bait that is super easy to work.

Thanks to John Crews for showing us what's new with Spro!

Conclusion: We can always count on Spro to deliver intriguing, well made products to add to our review list for the coming year. In fact, we're still fishing the McStick variants and a couple more of John Crews's cranks. Now we have at least two more to add to our review list so it looks like we better get cranking!










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