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Date: 7/18/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Reviewer: Cal

River2Sea has been making a strong push over the last couple of years to up the ante on their lure offerings. Last year it was about the Bumbershoot umbrella rig, Ish Monroe's spinnerbaits, the Bully Wa Frog, and Scott Martin's Rover topwater bait. We hang out with Scott Martin, John Murray, and Larry Dahlberg, to take a look at what's new for the coming year for River2Sea.




Spittin' Wa: We start off with the bait that's likely to garner the most attention and that's the new River2Sea Spittin' Wa. What makes this frog so interesting? It has clear cupped mouth with slits in the side so as you pop the bait, water and air washes through the openings for a unique sound and vibration.


The new Spittin' Wa Pops, Walks, and Glides.


Initial reports from Murray and other prostaff suggest this bait can both walk and pop and can be made to dance in place for extended periods of time so you can slowly work the spots you think a lunker is hiding beneath. The Spittin' Wa is available immediately, in two sizes and in eight different colors.




Goon: River2Sea introduces a new mid-level crank this year in the Goon. Marketed as being built to do the dirty work, the Goon is an almost one ounce crank (specified at 15/16ths oz), outfitted with a tungsten weight system and proprietary hooks. The unique feature of this bait is the cupped diving bill provided to assist in getting the bait down faster than usual. The Goon is rated for running depths down to sixteen (16) feet depending upon the diameter of your fishing line. It will be available in eight different colors.


Papa Mur Jig: River 2 Sea's TouchDown football head jigs did very well in our 2008 shootout. BASS Pro John Murray fishes them a lot but has always wanted a bigger hook on these jigs. Well, for 2014 he gets his own, signature series version of these jigs with a new O'Shaughnessy hook. The new Papa Mur Jig will be available three eighths (3/8ths), five eighths (5/8ths), and seven eighths (7/8ths) ounce sizes and in eight different color patterns. Skirts will be a mix of living rubber and silicone for extra color flash. Like the original, each jig will be hand tied.

The new Papa Mur Jig features a big O'Shaughnessy hook

The G-Pop is the newest soft plastic topwater popper.

New Jack Flippin' Hook: The failing point for most flipping rigs these days results from wear on the knot where the big tungsten weights repeatedly crash down on them during repeated casts. Ish Monroe came up with a solution to this problem and River2Sea has implemented it in the New Jack Flippin' Hook which features a line tie/hook keeper integrated into one.

The New Jack Flippin' Hook is a new innovation using the traditional tie (blue arrow) as a guide for your line and to protect your knot while you tie at the dual purpose bait keeper/tie show by the red arrow.

The first loop on the hook, the spot where the traditional line tie is, serves as both a guide for your line to the actual line tie and a guard against the tungsten weight. The New Jack Flippin' Hook will be available in four sizes from 3/0 - 6/0 and in packs of 4.


Mr. Whiggley: The latest bait to be released from the workshop of the Hunt for Big Fish star, Larry Dahlberg is a ten and a half (10.5) inch, soft plastic swimbait/fluke looking deal called Mr. Whiggley. This bait is designed to be erratic and unpredictable in the water - just the way a fleeting baitfish swims. This bait features a line through design so it slides away from the fish once hooked increasing the chances you'll get to use the bait again. Mr. Whiggley will be available in six different colors.

Mr. Whiggley is a new, 10.5 soft plastic bait by ...

... Mr. Hunt for Big Fish, Larry Dahlberg. 


Conclusion: Also new for this year from River2Sea is a larger, 200 sized S-Waver, new colors in their Bubble Popper and Walker and Rig Walker baits, and the G-Pop, a new soft plastic topwater that looks like a miniature flounder. So many baits and products and only a limited time at ICAST to cover them all. You know what that means. Time for some on the water tests to find out what all these new products from River2Sea are all about!










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