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Date: 7/21/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Cal

Scatter Rap:
New for Rapala this year is an entire series of cranks featuring what they are calling their new Scatter Lip. The unconventional lip on this series of baits features a u-shaped bend across the front of the bait. The action it creates is conventional but every now and then the bait will behave as if it loses balance and shoot off to the side on its own. This action is accentuated if a bait hits an obstacle in the water as you retrieve it. Rapala has implemented this lip into a series of baits.


This year for Rapala, it's all about the Scatter Lip (shown here with the Scatter Rap Shad)


Introduced at the BASS Classic earlier this year, we get our first look.


Scatter Rap Shad: The Shad Rap is arguably Rapala's most successful crankbait. By adding the Scatter Lip to this already proven lure, they've extended the line to an entirely new generation of anglers looking for a bait with a more erratic action and added another reason for fans of the original to add to their already extensive collection of baits. It will be available in the "7" size which means two and three quarters inches (2 3/4") in length and one quarter of an ounce. There are sixteen (16) colors to choose from.


This new lip design will breathe life into classic baits like the CountDown Minnow.


The lip is cupped giving the bait an erratic action.


Scatter Rap Countdown: If the Shad Rap has a rival in the scale of popular Rapala Baits, it's the CountDown Minnow. A classic in its own right, the CountDown minnow in Scatter format should be effective both in standard cast and retrieve mode as well as trolled. The CountDown version will be available in sixteen (16) different colors and measures two and three quarters inches (2 3/4").


The new Scatter Rap Minnow is shown here.

It will be very interesting to see what this lip does to a jerkbait.

Scatter Rap Crank: While those other baits and profiles are leveraged off of classic Rapala baits, the new Scatter Rap Crank is just a classic in its own right as a crankbait. This balsa bodied bait measures a compact two inches (2") in length but will dive down up to eight feet deep depending on your choice in fishing lines. Weighting five sixteenths of an ounce (5/16oz), it will be available in fourteen (14) different color patterns including several Mike Iaconelli custom finishes.

The other baits are classic Rapala profiles, but the Scatter Rap Crank has the potential to be the most popular in this new series.

It will dive to depths of 8' with an erratic swimming action designed to trigger strikes... does it work? We intend to find out.

Conclusion: With a seemingly simple twist to a feature that's taken for granted by most anglers, Rapala demonstrates that what's old is new again. Their new Scatter Lip is breathing new life into a line up that's already proven and relied upon by anglers all over the world. I know after seeing the baits up close and personal, we're all excited to get a chance and test them out for ourselves to see how they perform out on the water.










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