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Date: 8/30/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Power-Pole
Reviewer: Zander

Looking to anchor up quickly in the shallow? Power-Pole has had bass anglers and saltwater fisherman in the flats covered with their quick and easy to deploy Power Poles and this ICAST the company has expanded the lineup to include a new series for light watercraft (up to 1500lbs), meet the Power-Pole Micro Anchor.




The new Micro Anchor is a compact electrical system that is designed to be lightweight and portable. It bolts onto small craft and is a completely different design than the original Power Poles. It deploys a vertical spike straight down up to 8.5 feet and can be attached to aluminum V-hulls, flats boats, canoes and kayaks. It can be directly mounted on the transom or a bolt on accessory allows it to clamp on, much like a hand operated trolling motor.


Pro Angler Darrell Davis shows us the new Power-Pole Micro Anchor


The Micro Anchor is sold separately from the spike and anglers can opt for either the Power-Pole branded spike or any aftermarket spike with the same diameter (3/4Ē). Once deployed the anchor is designed to stop boats in seconds and hold them in position so that anglers can target fish from a fixed position even in current and wind.


The Micro Anchor is designed for anchoring smaller watercraft


Stealth is critical so the company engineered the Micro Anchor with a quiet gearbox and sound deadening composites. A low friction slider maneuvers the spike in and out of water at 1.2 feet per second quietly. In terms of durability there are no paints of coatings on the surface to chip, peel or crack and the unit is even rated to 1-2 meters saltwater submersion.


A power meter shows how much power is left in the battery pack


The system is easy to operate on small craft and only weighs 10lb.s total. Take a Kayak for example where anglers may not want to turn around to have to operate a device. All you need to do is push the button on the remote.


The Micro Anchor can be controlled with the included remote


There is also a USB connector for software updates and there is even Bluetooth in this device so that anglers can access the Micro Anchor via smartphone. When the spike is not deployed it stays in the Micro Driver unit while running so you donít have to worry about stowing it.


Another neat feature is the ability to mount a GoPro camera on top of the spike


The Micro Anchor is powered by an onboard 12V battery on larger craft and if you donít have a battery on your small craft there is a battery pack and charger kit option. The Power-Pole Micro Anchor retails for $599 dollars making it an affordable option for those looking for a light, easy to operate system and if you often fish the skinny this compact anchor might just be you new best friend.










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