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Date: 7/11/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Pflueger
Reviewer: Cal

Pflueger is a brand that's kind of gotten lost in the mix over the last couple of years. For the most part they're a brand that's been considered a good value, but for some reason had trouble gaining a foothold in a very hotly contested market. They hope to change that in 2014 with a redesign of their baitcasting lineup.


Introducing the new Pflueger Patriarch!


Patriarch: Pflueger joins the lighter is better camp with their redesigned flagship reel, the Patriarch. This reel features an aluminum alloy body with Pflueger's new C45 carbon infused sideplates. This new material is more rigid than traditional graphite and better suited for the torque and stress of a casting reel. Specified weight on this reel is 6.28 ounces. It will be available in both left and right hand retrieve with a 7.1:1 retrieve ratio and in a 7.9:1 retrieve ratio on right hand only. Price on the new Patriarch is $199.


An aluminum frame matched with carbon fiber sideplates has us intrigued.

The ported spool adds to the reel's cosmetics without adding to its weight.

Supreme XT: In spite of the Patriarch's flagship status within Pflueger, probably the reel that receives the most attention is Supreme. But now there are two Supremes. The XT reel carries with it a pretty standard feature set including an aluminum frame, C45 infused carbon sideplates, a swept handle and dragstar, an internally adjustable centrifugal braking system, and nine stainless steel bearings. MSRP on the Supreme is only $149.


The Supreme XT is Pflueger's mid market reel.


This reel also features an aluminum frame with carbon fiber sideplates.


Supreme: The standard Supreme is being built with an aluminum frame and graphite sideplates. It is rated at 7.83 ounces in weight, is equipped with magnetic brakes, 8 stainless steel ball bearings and will be available in three different retrieve ratios (5.4:1, 6.4:1, 7.1:1). The 6.4:1 retrieve model will be available in both left and right hand retrieve, the other two will be available only in right hand retrieve. The Supreme will retail for $99.


Pflueger's re-entry to the $99 market - the Supreme.


Casey Davidson proudly shows us the new Pflueger low profile lineup!

Conclusion: Stay tuned as we will share in a future article, how Pflueger is working more closely with Fenwick to offer cosmetically matched products all to enhance your fishing experience. For now, even as stand alone products, Pflueger stands up well against the competition and is really priced attractively.










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