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Date: 7/11/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Every lure designer no matter how successful, or maybe especially the very successful, has that secret little stash of baits that only he or she knows about. Perhaps if you're in their inner circle, you're allowed a peek. Imagine the secrets a designer, CEO, and manufacturing rock star like Yuki Ito must have in his personal asylum. Well, this year at ICAST, we received a peek. Here are the new baits for Megabass and Megabass of America for 2013.




The Ito Shiner is dated 2013, but legend has it this was the bait that inspired the Vision 110.


Ito Shiner: We begin with a bait that was the prequel to the famous Vision 110. Yes, it appears that even when Yuki Ito created or released what was to become Megabass's most successful bait, he held something back! How could this be? Or is it the case the original Ito-Shiner had room for refinement? We'll soon have the opportunity to find out!.


This bait has Vision 110 length with an X-80 head design.


The Ito-Shiner measures weighs the same half ounce as its successor. The bait will be available in a host of different colors, and as one might expect from something new and mysterious by Megabass - in very limited supply.


We're certain this color palette will expand in time.

Shading: Megabass follows up the Ito-Shiner with a bait that's been making the rounds in Japan. The Shading is kind of a jerkbait/crank hybrid featuring a shad like profile but a bill that allows the bait to be worked on a straight retrieve deflecting off structure.

The Shading is a popular hybrid bait in Japan.

Among the colors that will be available in the US.


Pony Gabot: The Pony Gabot is yet another entry into the hotly contested topwater frog market, but as is Yuki Ito's way, this bait offers the angler something a little different. With it's catamaran style mouth, the walking and splashing ability of this bait is marketed as being quite unique. It measures just over two inches in length, weighs three eighths of an ounce (3/8 oz) and will be available in 10 different colors.

The Pony Gabot is Megabass's interpretation of a topwater frog.

Of course there's more to this frog that what meets the eye upon first inspection... check out what Megabass calls the catamaran mouth on this bait.

Vibration X Jr: Following the trend of smaller, more finesse style offerings of tried and true baits, the Vibration X Jr is a smaller version of Megabass's lipless crank and will be available in silent and rattle-in. The Jr measures right around two and a half inches and weighs half an ounce. It will be available in 14 different colors.

The Vi
bration X Jr is a petite version of the original.

It will be available in both rattle-in and silent version in a host of colors.

Knuckle Jr: The Knuckle Jr is a two inch bait weighing three eighth's of an ounce and is of course, a smaller version of the popular Knuckle 60. The Jr. features the same adjustable bill as it's larger sibling in a smaller profile for when that bite gets extra tough. It will be available in 16 different colors.

The Knuckle Jr is really a small bait.

One of these days, Megabass is going to back-date their lures and really mess with our minds.

The Knuckle Jr's color array.

Baby PopX: The Baby PopX extends the PopX family one more size down to two inches. The bait weighs 3/16ths of an ounce and will be available in at least 11 different colors. It is touted as being a very easy bait to cast and of course, with its petite size is sure to draw a lot of strikes from a host of different species.

The Baby PopX is sure to catch on and not just for bass.

Conclusion: Megabass is never shy to introduce new baits and works hard at offering colors, patterns, actions, and profiles that are unique in the industry. Couple that with the mystique created by the company's founder and CEO and it's easy to see why they are gaining such a foothold in the market. Now, with a list of seasoned pros throwing and winning on their baits, the only question is when we'll get to fish and test these baits out for ourselves.










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