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Date: 8/11/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Major Craft
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Many Japanese rod brands can seem quite intriguing, but without being able to handle a rod in person it's hard to pull the trigger on purchasing one, especially when factoring in the extremely high shipping cost. Major Craft has always been one of those brands I've been curious about, but I was always cautious about ordering one sight unseen. Much to our surprise while walking the aisles at ICAST, we stumbled upon none other than the Major Craft booth. Some of you may have come across the name Major Craft while hunting through online Japanese tackle outlets, as they are a very prominent Japan-based rod company. Judging by what we heard, it seems they are working towards entering the U.S. market in the near future. With the assistance of a translator, they helped us go over four bass rod lines that should be heading our way!


Major Craft coming to the US?


MS-X Series: The high-end MS-X rod series from Major Craft uses the “Cross Force Plus” process in the construction of the blanks for extra reinforcement. This process uses a carbon tape double-wrapped in key areas to help make these rods highly crisp, sensitive, and lightweight. All rods come equipped with top-notch Fuji reel seats, Fuji K-series titanium guides with SiC inserts, as well as combination EVA/cork split grips. Currently, 15 rods are offered in the series ranging from 6'4” to 7'0” which includes spinning, casting, and “bait finesse” rods. Look for MS-X rods to cost around $500 each.


Major Craft's premium MS-X rods look incredibly refined


Corzza: Positioned just below the MS-X series is the Corzza lineup. For extra blank reinforcement Major Craft uses “Cross Force” in the butt portion, which is similar to “Cross Force Plus” used in the MS-X line, except that only a single wrapping of tape is used. All rods include cork split grips, and stainless steel framed Fuji K-series guides with SiC inserts. The Corzza series contains 24 rods in both spinning and casting ranging in size from 6'4” to 7'0” and even includes 2 piece spinning and casting models. Corzza rods should run you around $300 each.


Much more affordable but almost as slick looking are the Corzza rods


A look at the split grip design


Go-Emotion: Seated below Corzza rods, the Go-Emotion series offers some nice performance and features at a bit friendlier price. The gun-metallic and matte black blanks are adorned with Fuji K-series stainless steel guides with SiC inserts, and either Fuji ACS or VSS reel seats. Split handles are fully comprised of EVA foam. Consisting of 48 one, two and four piece spinning and casting rods between 6'0” and 7'0” in length, these will carry a price around $230.


A rod line for the masses, the Basspara


Basspara: The entry-level Basspara rods feature navy-colored blanks with Fuji O-ring guides.  Reel seats of choice include black Fuji ECS or IPS versions, with split grips consisting of both cork and EVA. Basspara rods come in one and two piece construction with 28 spinning and casting rods available. Expect an affordable price of around $150 each.



Conclusion: Major Craft tells us they are currently working on distribution here in the states, so availability dates haven't been firmed up quite yet. They are also working to bring in a new line of hard baits which look very promising as well.


Takahiro Mori shows us the Major Craft offering and we can't wait until they arrive on our shores


Wouldn't it be great if more overseas rod companies followed the lead of Megabass and Major Craft to offer at least SOME of their products over here? One can only dream, but in the meantime we sure would like to get our hands on one of these sticks when they become available!










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