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Date: 7/22/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft
Reviewer: Cal

With the recent influx of super premium baits on the market today, it's hard to believe that Lucky Craft is now considered middle of the road in terms of affordability. I still remember looking at a Pointer 100 and LV500 hanging on the tackle store peg board and budgeting how many I can afford to buy. Ten years ago, there weren't even that many Lucky Craft SKUs on the shelves but that's changed too and year after year Lucky Craft continues to expand up an already diverse and successful lineup. So what do they have in store for us in 2014? Brent Ehrler takes us through the lineup of new baits!


The new SKT Magnum is a BIG crankbait!


SKT Magnum: Big bait proponents get a chance to put their money where their mouth is this year with Lucky Craft's new SKT Magnum crankbait. Already in stores, these baits don't sound big on paper - the largest 120DR has only a four inch body - but when taken with it's bill, they're huge. Pick one up and all that is only reinforced as the 120DR weighs a whopping three and three quarter ounces (3.75 oz) - that's HUGE for a crankbait!


It's available in four different sizes.


The SKT Magnum comes in three other sizes, from the smallest, 105 MR (four inches, one ounce in weight), to the 110 MR ( four and a half inches, two ounces in weight) to the 110DR (four and a half inches, three and a quarter ounces in weight) to the afore mentioned 120DR. Rated running depths for these baits are six and a half (6.5), fifteen (15), twenty two (22), and twenty five (25) feet respectively. The SKT Magnum is already available in stores.



Flash Pointer Series: Lucky Craft created the Flash Pointer series as a hybrid of their Flash Minnow and best selling Pointer jerkbaits. These baits have the slender profile of the Flash Minnow, but more of the erratic action of the Pointer series. For this coming year, we get two new sizes, the massive 130SP and the deeper running 115MR.

What do you get when you cross a Pointer and Flash Minnow? Why the Flash Pointer of course. This is the new Flash Pointer 130SP.

The Flash Pointer 115MR is also new and made to dive 7-9 feet.

Pointer 100XD: Several years ago, Lucky Craft extended their Pointer series with the deeper running Pointer DD. The original SP Pointer runs to about four feet while the DD will dig down to seven. The new Pointer 100XD will dive down to double digit depths if fished on the right diameter line. It's made to target inactive fish in colder water when you need to put the bait right in front of them rather than have them chase.

The Pointer 100XD extends the series down to 10 foot depths.


LV-200/500 GP: Noise and vibration are what Lucky Craft's popular series of lipless crank baits are about and now with the GP enhancement, both the LV-200 and LV-500 have a bit of flash to go with their noise and vibration through the addition of a blade at the front of the baits. This blade will knock off the lure's body adding yet another element to the lure's sound and of course as the blade spins it will reflect light and put off a flash fish haven't seen before in a bait of this build and action. Lucky Craft is offering the LV-200 & LV-500 in five basic colors for now.

The new GP series lipless cranks come with a blade attached.

Conclusion: The new baits from Lucky Craft help extend and expand upon existing baits that are proven. We're particularly excited at the new rip/jerk bait options and look forward to checking them out on the water as soon as we can get our hands on them and tie a few onto the ends of our lines. Thanks to Brent Ehrler for showing us what's new with Lucky Craft!










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