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Date: 8/15/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Halco
Reviewer: Zander

Halco is well known among big game anglers here in the U.S. but in Australia the company is a downright powerhouse, claiming the top spot among lure manufacturers with the acquisition of RMG and Tilsan lures. The company’s offerings are known for their quality and ability to stand up to the torture of big game and this ICAST the brand introduced a number of new offerings ranging from more big game lures to tools to help anglers manage these baits in the field.


Halco's newest big game lure is called the Skim Stick


The most interesting new lure at the Halco booth was without a doubt the new Skim Stick which is a hybrid between a stick bait and a skittering popper. The Skim Stik has a long narrow profile and has a very different looking lip that almost looks like the underside of a shovel. Designed for casting and low speed trolling this surface lure skims the surface like fleeing baitfish and is designed to entice predatory fish to crush the bait right on top.


Designed with a unique lip this bait skims the surface and mimics a flying fish taking flight  or a baitfish breaking the surface


For the first time Decoy 5/0 hooks come as standard to make handling the fish mush less risky that with trebles and still providing plenty of hook setting and holding ability. The Skim Stick will be shipping within a week and will retail for $22.99. There are many attractive patterns to pick from and the use of a clear polymer body with internal holographic scale patterns makes this bait flash brightly as it reflects the sunlight.


Ben Secrest show us his favorite weapons from Halco for fishing P.V.


In addition to the Skim Stick Halco also introduced new split ring pliers which the company has a lot of faith in. Why? Because Halco puts on millions of split rings on their lures every year and these are the exact same pliers that they designed for use in their manufacturing process. This patented design allows anglers to manage and hold split rings effortlessly making treble changes in the field quick and easy.


Halco's proven split ring pliers are used everyday on their production line


These pliers making switching out split rings quick and easy


Tim shows us the cleverly designed split ring pliers


These small little pliers are able to change out rings from tiny #2 to the extra large #7xx rings . They are constructed out of hardened tool steel and are designed to be used in saltwater environments. These pliers may looks simple but sometimes a straightforward design is best, and when it comes to reliability and purpose built design these pliers look like they hit the mark.










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