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Date: 8/5/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Duo
Reviewer: Wolbugger

It's tough not to hear the name DUO in the bass fishing world right now. With the technique of spybaiting rapidly gaining attention in the states, the Realis Spinbait 80 is probably the single hottest lure going right now. Although this bait is undoubtedly productive, DUO makes some other very high-quality offerings which product specialist David Swendseid helped guide us through at ICAST 2013.


Ready to try "spybaiting" also known as "silent capture"? Crawl the Duo Spinbait back to the boat on light line


Crank M65 8A:  This new crankbait measures approximately 2.5” in length and weighs around 1/2 ounce. It is designed to quickly run to and hold a maximum depth of about 8 feet, and produces a wide-wobbling action thanks to it's unique lip design. The lip also makes for less resistance, thus requiring less effort to crank. Internally, a fixed weight system comprised of steel balls surrounded by brass plates produces a very unique sound, while also causing the lure to act more sharply and also helps increase casting efficiency. Dual #4 hooks are made of sturdy wire to make sure they won't bend out easily. This bait is available now in 12 colors at a price of $12.99.


Duo's crankbaits continue to gain popularity


Crank M65 11A: The 11A model features the same body size and make-up as the 8A, but is designed with a slightly longer bill. This allows the bait to run a bit deeper down to about the 11 foot mark. It also produces a tighter wobble, and utilizes the same sturdy #4 hooks. These are available right now in 12 colors for $12.99.


This season anglers get a souped up Vibration lipless bait


Vibration 62 G-Fix: Consider this a “souped up” version of the standard Vibration 62 series. This bait weighs in at about 1/2 ounce, with a length of approximately 2.4 inches and sports dual #8 hooks. It is one of the narrowest lip-less crankbait you'll find on the market, and offers extremely low reeling resistance. Thanks to the body profile and the fact that it weighs 3.5 grams heavier than the standard Vibration 62, it also sinks like a rock. Not only does it sink quick, it's designed to do it with maximum stability. Inside, there are both fixed and free-moving tungsten balls that produce a unique sound and increase casting distance. This bait will be available in 8 colors and is coming soon.


Vibration 68 G-Fix: With all the attributes of the 62 model, the 68 is slightly longer at about 2.67 inches and heavier at approximately 3/4 ounce. It is a full 5 grams heavier than the standard Vibration 68 model, and will come rigged up with #6 hooks. It will also be available in 8 colors and will arrive soon.


A look at the new mid sized prototype 110SP


Prototype Jerkbait 110SP: We should see this prototype released early next year. Falling in between the 100SP and 120SP models, it will feature three treble hooks and the same internal weight transfer system that will allow for a perfect action and maximum casting range.


Prototype Crank M62: This prototype square-bill crankbait will come with an internal magnet and ball weight transfer system. Designed to run shallow and deflect off cover, it will also cast easily and accurately. This shallow diver should hit the market early in 2014.


Duo will soon bring the Prometheus swimbait to market


Prometheus Project: These hard-bodied prototype swimbaits will come in both two and four piece jointed segments. They'll feature lifelike detailing, a unique “slalom” action, and two large treble hooks. These should be released into the market early next year.


A familiar head on the big Duo spinnerbait


Spinnerbait: Finally, DUO had a HUGE spinnerbait to show us. This thing is absolutely massive, and weighs 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 ounces. It should be perfect for the biggest bass around, or pike and muskie fishing. It uses heavy-gauge wire in it's construction for durability so it can tackle the meanest fish. Pricing and release dates are yet to be announced.


Duo lead designer Masahiro Adachi and Product Manager David Swendseid show us the slick new offerings from Duo


Conclusion: DUO's baits are not merely designed and released into the market in just a few months. They are all meticulously designed to offer the best performance, and are subjected to long-term testing around the world to ensure their longevity. Who knows if any of these new offerings will be as red-hot as the Spinbait 80 currently is, but judging by what we saw these should all be highly productive baits that both anglers and fish will be attracted to!










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