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Date: 7/15/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: To say Shimano dominated the new product showcase would be an understatement. Every product associated with the new Waxwing System won their category and that includes rod, reel and lure. So just what is this Waxwing system?


Robby Gant Rod Product Manager introduces the new Waxwing system

What is Waxwing? Introducing complete fishing systems is nothing new for Shimano, in recent memory the company had major wins in the Butterfly Jigging System as well as the Lucanus Jig system. So when we saw the Waxwing System our money was on Shimano running away with top honors among buyers and press once again.

Do you think lures when you think Shimano? A lot of people are starting to

Waxwing lures are designed for targeting saltwater species found in the upper water column. Available in two sizes, the Waxwing 88 Boy (88mm length) and Waxwing 118 Jr., the lures are offered in 14 colors with ultraviolet reactive paint on the lateral line to further enhance their fish catching abilities. These jig-like lures are not designed to fish vertically but rather in a zig-zag pattern back to the boat.

The Waxwing has two fins that are designed to cause the lure to zig and zag aggressively when retrieved

The Waxwing Boy and Jr. feature a hydrodynamic body design, “with an upper wing to make it swim in a zigzag motion and a lower wing to prevent it from rolling,” said Ted Sakai, product manager for Shimano’s technical fishing systems. “The aerodynamics make it easy to cast long distances, especially when used in the system we developed with our Terez Waxwing rods and high-speed reels including the new Trinidad 10A or Curado 300EJ, or our Stella, Sustain and Stradic spinning models.”

The Waxwing lures are available in a wide array of colors/patterns

Each Waxwing lure features stainless wire-through construction directly to the Owner tin-coated double hook. To help the Waxwing lures move through the water properly, the new Shimano Terez rods matched with a high-speed Shimano reel provides a simple steady retrieve that allows the lure to swim in its zigzag motion.

To fish the Waxwing lures Robby created the new Terez rods

Terez Waxwing rods include specific seven-foot casting and spinning models, seven-foot-two-inch spinning, and eight-foot casting with the right power and action to fish PowerPro braid from 10-pound test up to 100-pound. Each Terez rod is offered in five colors to match the most popular boat hull colors – aqua, emerald green, fighting lady yellow, pearl white and sunset red – and feature Shimano’s C4S blank construction for sensitivity and durability. The custom shaped grips provide comfort for retrieving the lure or pulling on a fish, while the longer rear grip contributes to long-casting abilities.

They are available in five distinct colors to match reels or your boat

When used with PowerPro Vermilion Red braided that will ‘virtually disappear’ in the water – the line and color of choice for the Waxwing system, anglers will see how all the components come together - the action of the Terez rods, the high-speed retrieve of Shimano’s Trinidad 10A, Curado 300EJ, Stella SW, Sustain and Stradic reels to make such an effective fish-catching tool.

Matching the Pearl White Terez rod is the newly redesigned Trinidad which also has a white handle

“In testing the Waxwing lures in saltwater fishing locations on all coasts, we have yet to find one predator who won’t eat it,” Sakai said. “The unique fin design allows it to swim like no other lure many anglers may find it to be the most fun way possible to fish.”

A closer look at that distinct white handle on the new Trin

The Waxwing lures will be available in a number of colors including sardine, mackerel, squid, bunker, pink/white, chartreuse, black/gold, green shad, bone, chrome, purple, sand eel, trout, mint. Each 88mm lure will retail for $17.99 while the larger 118mm lures will cost two dollars more per piece.










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