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Date: 8/17/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Russelure
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Russelure has stood the test of time and this season the company celebrates 63 years in business with their proven lure. With its unusual wobble swimming action the Russelure can be varied from an eccentric fast motion to a slower, smooth, natural movement and be used for a whole lot more than just trout and bass.


No it isn't retro packaging it is original packaging of the tiny Russelure designed for fly fishing

A little background: In 1947, a gentleman by the name of JK Russell finally achieved his dream by placing on the market his latest creation. His passion for fishing drove him to perfect what we now know as the Russelure fishing lure. After many trials and tests, he was happy to announce to his family and friends that "it" was ready for the market. A funny little lure, shaped like a concave banana, but it was very effective at getting fish to strike. The original lure was designed for fly-fishing, casting, fresh water trolling and blue water trolling.

this tiny lure was designed for fly rods and the same design was used in much larger lures for a variety of fish

The Russelure body is formed from aluminum and the colors are anodized. Then, the solid brass brackets are riveted to the body and quality Mustad hooks are attached with stainless steel rings. The use of corrosion-resistant materials and all metal construction creates one very tough lure.

Throughout the lure's long history many big trophies have been boated

The Russelure is a wobble-type lure, as opposed to a spinner, which twists the line. The lure has tremendous action that allows for a slower troll or retrieve, giving fish more time to see and take the lure. Versatility is attained from the different attachment ring locations on the larger lures, allowing for varied action and greater depths. The use of over-sized hooks also gives the lure greater movement and increased hookups.

...and today anglers use these lures for everything up big offshore species like Dolphin

Part of the magic of this lure is that it is incredibly versatile, and the same basic design is used on both the tiny trout lures and the big game versions. Able to be used in both saltwater and freshwater this lure has been responsible for landing trophy species ranging from rainbow trout and largemouth bass to Dolphin and Tarpon.

These lures can be cast or trolled

New this season are a number of custom colors that would look right at home on a hot rod. These flashy pearl colors are ideal for targeting big game and generate more flash in the water. Like other Russelures these will swim straight with the nose pointed down. On a slow retrieve use the back ring and on a fast retrieve or troll the front ring will work better, unless you want to get deep.

...and a variety of sizes and colors are available

Model Nos. 5 and 6 ˝” are used primarily for trolling in the ocean and also for large game fish and those who have really big teeth. They are equipped with 3 attachment rings, front for fast trolling, middle for medium, and back for slow trolling or reeling. When fishing for exceptionally large fish, Russelure recommends that the hooks be replaced with larger ones.

An example of one of the large Russelures with a custom paint finish

By attaching your line to the back ring of these larger lures, the Russelure will dive straight down and reach those fish who live in the deep. A popular choice for the Nile Perch fishermen for that very reason. A 9 knot troll has been achieved while maintaining the vibrating action and you definitely need a line that can withstand the tension.

These lures feature a paint job that would make a hot-rod jealous


The team from Russelure show use their legendary lure offering


Conclusion: Russelures retail from to $4.50 for the 1” to $12.95 for the larger 6 ˝” versions. Special order colors carry a slightly higher price. This is one very versatile lure and depending on size can be used for a extremely wide variety of fish in applications ranging from sheer cast and retrieve to fly fishing and deep open water trolling. There are few lures that have really stood the test of time without major changes but Russelure is certainly one of them. There may be new colors/patterns and slight variations but for the most part the lure concept remains pretty much unchanged. If it isn’t broken why fix it?











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