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Date: 8/9/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

A couple of weeks prior to ICAST, we shared with you some of the new and exciting baits Rapala will be bringing to market in 2011. At the show, we got to see all these baits and more in all of their available colors. But what we didn’t get to show you in the preview were some of the tools and accessories this company has in store for us in 2011.


Rapala's new Clackin' Crank in full color display.

The first item that caught our attention was their new Tournament Model Touch Screen Scale. This device not only features 8 fish friendly, easy, but secure clip culling balls, but as the name suggests, it also features a digital, touch screen scale rated to 15lbs. The scale will keep track of the weight for each fish together with the corresponding culling ball so you can easily locate and cull your fish as necessary.

We talked about the Clackin' Minnow in our pre-ICAST preview, but here's our first actual look at that bait.


Cal is eyeing these colors ...

The scale will also be available in a 50lb model, but without the culling balls. Price is still being determined but expect the units to sell for somewhere around $60 to $80 retail depending on the actual model.

Rapala's new, 50lb, touch screen digital scale...


... complete with a more fish friendly clip (instead of a hook).

Rapala will be adding a new pair of pliers to their already extensive lineup. This new, all aluminum plier is patterned after saltwater tools and features an internal spring, tungsten cutters, a split ring tool, split shot crimper, and of course, a custom sheath. Price is still being determined but expect retail on Rapala’s Aluminum Pliers to be in the neighborhood of $29-$35.

The tournament version comes with a smaller 15 pound scale and 8 culling balls...


... and similar, fish friendly clips. These don't look secure but we tested them on the showroom floor on ourselves and the clips actually do hold really well.

Rapala’s new EZ Stow Braided Line Scissor comes with a handy lanyard and is intended to be worn around your neck for ease of use. For safety, the scissor blades retract into the handle thus the appliances name. This looks to be a very handy little device.

Rapala is really extending their reach into accessories.


These braided line scissors can be worn around your neck and stowed safely in the handle.

As you are probably aware by now Rapala owns Sufix and at ICAST we got a closer look at their new 832 braided line where they explained to us the typical problem with braided lines with high pick counts like the new Sufix 832 is, once you wind the line so tight, the individual strands will abrade each other and cause the line to fail - literally cutting itself. This is the reason for impact breaks with braided line and why fused lines tend to perform better in these circumstances.

Deployment is simple and effective.


A new, ocean style, $35 pair of aluminum pliers from Rapala.

But with Sufix 832, the proprietary Gore fiber serves as a lubricant to the other fibers, protecting against self abrasion and effectively increasing the strength of the line overall. We intend to put this theory to the test in the coming year. Meantime, when this product does hit the market, expect to pay only $19.99 per 150m spool and $34.99 per 300yd spool. Accordingly, Sufix will reduce the price of their existing Performance Braid to under $15 per 150m spool. At these prices, how could you not want to try some?


Gregg Wollner & Norman Clough of Rapala.


Conclusion: Even with our pre-ICAST preview together with what we’ve reported here, we’ve but scratched the surface of what Rapala USA has in store for us in 2011. When we showed up at their booth, we were informed they had 1,700 new skus for 2011 ... seventeen hundred! Hopefully they were including the twenty different color combinations (or more!) per lure, but whatever the case may be, it’s clear Rapala is doing anything but resting on their laurels.











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