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Larry Dahlberg digs some lures out of his secret stash and teams up with River2sea Baits

Date: 7/15/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: This year at ICAST the team at River2Sea really had something exciting to show us. They teamed up with Larry Dahlberg, the man, the myth, the legend... behind the popular TV fishing show called Hunt for Big Fish. Together they introduced four new baits that are designed to be ultra realistic and absolutely deadly on the water.




Larry Dahlberg Series Baits: Dahlberg is well known for his TV show The Hunt for Big Fish and has been tinkering with lures for over 40 years, and learned early on, that in hard-fished local waters, throwing something other than "old standards" or what everyone says is "hot" usually produces better results, especially when it comes to BIG fish.


Introducing the new Larry Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish


Larry has been fishing since the age of 9 and has made lures from wood since he was a pre-teenager. Teaming up with River2Sea and its state of the art production and design facility give him the opportunity and means to perfect these creations and produce enough of them so that everybody who wants one can get one, including himself.


Here's the tail design that gives it superb action underwater. You will have to check out the video footage on the action or try it for yourself


Dahlberg Clackin' Crayfish: The Clackin' Crayfish not looks realistic, it is designed to mimic the same motions as a real live crawdad. The tail portion of the Clackin' Crayfish is actually a hard body design. The end of the tail is hinged to allow it to flap up and down while the remainder of the tail is rigid. Then you have the upper half, head, legs, claws, whiskers, is a one piece made of plastic. This allows the fish to bite into a soft bodied bait thinking it's the real thing and it produces a dead on action when retrieved to mimic a live crawdad.


Which one is the Clackin' Crayfish and which one is the real one?


The Larry Clackin' Crayfish weighs 1 ounce and is 5 inches long. It uses a River2Sea (BN) 2X strong #5/0 hook. The lure has a sinking action and a pack comes with one tail and two plastic head section. The Crayfish comes in 5 different patterns - Red, Olive, Brown-Orange, Brown-Olive, Dark Brown, and Blue-Olive. A pack will retail for $12.99 and will be available early Fall.


A pack of Clackin' Crayfish comes with one hard tail and two head section. The head section is made of soft plastic


Dahlberg Diver Frog: We've seen many frogs in the past few years but this one is like no other. First impressions, this Diver Frog is not the prettiest design out there, especially with the plastic weedguard that hangs around the frog's head. But looks isn't everything here. The Dahlberg Diver Frog is designed to mimic the real thing in action! The legs are designed to sit forward but when you toss it into the water and start retrieving it you will see the legs extend back, and then when you let it rest it will pull back forward, just like the real thing.


Introducing the new Diver Frog by Larry Dahlberg


See the new Dahlberg weedguard design


Notice the thighs sit pointed forward. When retrieved it kicks back but retracts when you stop retrieving


The Diver Frog uses a River2Sea hook that's placed in the right height and angle which allows a hooking ratio as high as 90%. A package comes with a set of extra legs and more legs can be bought when needed. A pack of Diver Frog will cost $11.99, comes in Green, Brown, Lime, and Black with yellow head, and will be available a couple of months from now.


An under belly view


Available colors


Dahlberg Whopper Plopper: If you're a big musky angler, this is for you, although this lure can be used for many other species such as bass, striped bass, Peacock bass, and more. The new Whopper Plopper is a topwater lure that is absolutely crazy on the surface which is designed to drive fish crazy. The tail end of the Whopper Plopper is the perfect size and angle to make a sound that fish will fiercely attack. And the good thing is, the tail is made out of super tough plastic that flexes right back into place no matter whether it gets chomped on or gets cast into rocks or bridge pilings. The new lure is roll resistant and work well at a variety of speeds.


The new Whopper Plopper is designed to drive Muskies crazy but is effective on other species as well


The Whopper Plopper weighs 2 3/4 ounces and comes in 7 1/2 inches in length. It uses two tough 4X 5/0 River2Sea long shank treble hooks that will withstand those nasty Muskies. The lures comes in 6 effective colors - Fire Tiger, BeeGee, Bo, Red Horse, Lucy, and Rock Star. In two months anglers will be able to purchase these new baits for $19.99.


A hard plastic tail that can flex back into shape after a large Musky chops on it


Available colors of the Whopper Plopper


Dahlberg WideGlide: The WideGlide is another topwater killer, and we will be taking these down to the Amazon with us to target those aggressive Peacock Bass. The WideGlide is a high performing walking bait that zigs and zags side to side with a wide gliding action rather than slapping back and forth. The 7 7/8 slow sinking version can also be made to have the same action sub-surface and can glide as wide as 8 feet side to side.


The WideGlide can be walked in gliding motion on top or sub-surface


Four models are available:


Model Weight (oz) Length (in) Hook Action
WG120F 7/8 4 1/2 River2Sea (BN) 3X Strong Feather #2 Topwater
WG120SS 1 1/8 4 1/2 River2Sea (BN) 4X Strong #3/0 Slow sinking 0-8 ft
WG200F 4 7 7/8 River2Sea (BN) 3X Strong Feather #2 Topwater
WG200SS 5 7 7/8 River2Sea (BN) 4X Strong #3/0 Slow sinking 0-8 ft


The new 120 WideGlide will retail for $11.99 and the 200 version for $21.99 and will be available in August 2010.


Thanks Larry Dahlberg and Simon Chan for showing us the new and exciting baits


Conclusion: The new River2Sea Larry Dahlberg baits are designed and built with the many years of experience that Larry has accumulated in his hunt for big fish. This is not just a slap Dahlberg's name on any lure type of deal. These are baits that Larry has been using from his own secret stash and now he wants to share them with us, though we are sure he has others that he isn't yet telling us about just yet these latest releases from his secret stash are enough to get our appetite really going. These lures are made to be effective on the water, producing the motion or sounds needed to get fish to strike. Like Larry says he is all about strike triggers and adding more of them together onto a single bait, he added that effective fishing lures are like "mother milk," and these lures are just what big fish crave.











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