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Date: 07/20/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Laser Lures
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

In March of 2009, we spoke to Mike Iaconelli and Matt Newman about a new hard bait company, Laser Lures. This was a company producing crankbaits with an imbedded Laser activated when in the water. Momentum has been building with this company and this year, at ICAST 2010, they upped the ante with some skirted baits, new look hardbaits featuring premium finishes, and a signature crank by Boyd Duckett.





Laserbee: The new Laserbee is a three inch, shallow crank made of balsa wood. It is expected in late October to early November, will be available in five different colors, and retail for $24.95.





Laser Swimbait: The new Laser Swimbait is Laser Lure's answer to the four inch, shad bodied swimbait craze. It will be available in three colors: blueback herring, spicy shad and an iridescent spicy shad. The Laser Swimbait will retail for $15.99





LaserBuzz: LaserLures dives into the skirted bait market with a new, yet to be named buzzbait. That's how new this is. Tentatively called the LaserBuzz, availability is expected mid to late Fall 2010 and it will retail for $12.99.


Unlike the hardbaits where the laser shines up front, in the skirted baits, the laser lights up the skirts



LaserBlade: Of course, you can't really make a buzzbait without offering a premium spinnerbait either. The LaserBlade will also be available this fall and will retail for $12.99.




LaserJig: The Laser Jig will be available in two different head designs, one for weeds, the other for rocks. Both versions feature silicone skirts attached with a band and will retail for $12.99.


The skirts are held in place by a rubber band


The two head styles for the Laser Jigs


One of Boyd Duckett's signature series colors


Boyd discusses the rods he built to go specifically with his Laser Lure baits


Boyd Duckett shows his rods and his signature series baits


Conclusion: Laser lures has come a long way in a little over a year. Previously considered a bit of a fad, their baits now exhibit premium finishes and believable profiles. Regardless of whether the lasers have an effect or not, their baits now resemble something we'd consider throwing on a regular basis. The laser technology has now become an added asset instead of the only selling feature of their baits. We look forward to more with this aggressive young company.










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