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Instant rod-tip repair in the field with the "Grip Tip"


Date: 7/19/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Vanco
Reviewer: Leo

Introduction: Have you ever gone to the lake and find a rod tip broken or an insert from the guide popped out? That can definitely ruin a good day of fishing, especially if you only have a few rods with you. The Grip Tip by Vanco can cure that problem fast, easy and effective without the help of tools or glue.



The Grip Tip is a ceramic rod tip that is applied to any rod tip made for freshwater fishing with the simple push and twist action by hand.  Installation literally takes seconds. If you lose the insert on a guide you will have to remove that guide (heat with a lighter and pull off to remove).  Then take the grip tip and line it up with the tip about 90 degrees from in line with the other tips and push it on twist to straighten it in line with the rest of the guides.  Then run your line through the guide, retie your bait and you are back to chasing those monsters!


For a retail price of just over $5 you will have your rod back to working order in a matter of seconds and it will last all day and even longer if necessary.  The Grip Tip does not screw onto the end of your rod like a typical “nut-bolt” threading. Instead it utilizes a compression adhesion to the rod that does not damage the rod. This allows you to have your rod repaired when the opportunity arises and he Grip Tip can be used again at a future time.


The plastic grip tip model was at ICAST but a stainless steel model is due out in a few weeks


The plastic insert model was on display at ICAST. From the demonstration and self testing I performed on a selection of broken rods it works well and should be great for just about every freshwater rod on the market with all sizes of fluorocarbon and monofilament lines.  A stainless steel model is due out in a few weeks that should be a great fix for any rod using braided lines.


Conclusion:  Rod tips are getting better and better but, it still seems that they fail at the worst time possible. For just over $5 the Grip Tip can have the security of knowing all your rods will be useable when you want them.  











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