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Take Your Key and Lock It with DuraSafe


Date: 8/1/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: DuraSafe
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Boat security is something many of us take for granted. Unfortunately, with the current economic climate, thefts are becoming more and more common. Whether we’re talking entire rigs, boat parts, or fishing gear, anglers need to pay attention to the security of their gear. DuraSafe is doing their best to make the task of securing your boat and gear as easy as possible.


DuraSafe makes an entire suite of locks for your boat and trailer.


How are they doing this you ask? Think about it, one of the biggest annoyances of locking your trailer to your hitch, your spare tire to your car or boat trailer and more are all the different keys you need to use and keep track of on your key chain. DuraSafe has devised a method to use a single key for all these locks and what’s more, it’s a key you already have on your key chain.


And the great thing about these locks? They work off of one key ...


Your CAR key (US branded cars only at this time).


Each DuraSafe product comes unkeyed - indicated by this rubber seal over the key hole.


Remove that cover, insert your car key and voila, the lock is coded.

Every new DuraSafe lock comes with rubber gasket covering the keyhole. On first use, simply remove this gasket, stick your car key into the lock, and voila, your DuraSafe lock is coded to your car key permanently. It is a one time keying process and that is set for life. No more extra keys to keep track of on or off your boat.

New for DuraSafe is the coupler connect... the v-bracket above helps guide you align your car and trailer as you're backing up.


When you're done, remove the v-bracket ...


... and install the optional Secure attachment to lock your trailer tongue onto your hitch (with the optional DuraSafe padlock).


The v-bracket doubles as a wheel chock too.

New and exciting for this year from DuraSafe is their Coupler Connect. It is a device built to help people line up their car to the trailer tongue during backup. Even more convenient though is the device pulls out easily for storage once the job of putting the trailer onto your vehicle is done. Last, with the optional Protect fitting, you can lock your trailer onto the ball for added security.

Though not yet available with the same lock core as their other products, DuraSafe also makes a series of lock attachments for your electronics ...


... including MotorGuide branded trolling motors ...


... Don't forget to lock your RAM mount ...


Hopefully they offer the same one-key solution to these locks soon too.

Durasafe also makes a series of locks for your boat electronics including depth finders and trolling motors and while they’ve yet to incorporate their single-key technology to these locks, they’re working on getting this done.


DuraSafe's lock solutions help make things as simple as possible to secure your boat and trailer.


Cary Bever shows us what's new and exciting with DuraSafe.


Conclusion: Currently, Durasafe’s one-key, codeable locks are only compatible with Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles. We look forward to when their locks are compatible with other makes as well which is hopefully in the not too distant future. In the meantime, their one-key concept is a solid one at a time when boat and equipment security is more important than ever.










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